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6 Must-have Strategic Planning Skills for A Business Strategist

Planning is critical for good strategy execution. Planning helps you to review and analyze the situation, efficiently comprehend the challenges, set new goals, or refine existing objectives, prepare for the risks or unexpected circumstances, and move the project easily.

Strategic planning skills are a must for business leaders and professionals for career success and stay competitive in the market. Anticipating risks and preparing for it is the sure key for success. Let us see what is strategic planning.

Strategic planning skills

Strategic planning is an important skill for life and all kinds of jobs. There are specific job positions like strategic planning associate, strategic planning manager, business strategists, management consultants, business developers, corporate developers, operation analysts, and cost analysts.

Most of these job holders are analysts with good rapport and communication with people. People who work in these jobs help set goals, decide action plans, and help employees to achieve the set goals.

They face challenges like –

  • Being a startup
  • An established firm
  • Recession period
  • Downfall
  • Everyday challenges
  • Others

Let’s catch the best-known strategic planning skills that would help an organization move toward continued success and sustenance amidst these challenges.

Dealing with people and numbers

People working in a strategic position are always with the people most of the time. They could be internal or external clients, team members, customers, the general public, and partners. Dealing with people from different cultures, education, skills, and thought processes is indeed a real challenge. Empathy and strong humanity win here than intelligence or subjective knowledge.

Seeing the bigger picture with dedication

Businesses face issues frequently. You should be in a position to solve the issue on time to keep the business running smoothly. One of the most important abilities here is to see the decisions and choices from a long-term perspective. It is critical to understand the picture of the organization as a whole and an individual as a whole, visualize long-term viability to be successful while planning a strategy.

Listening skills

Business strategists must be good listeners. The solutions depend on how you have understood the root problem, underlying causes, and conflicts. Relying on final reports will be a gimmick. It is crucial to listen to everyday challenges, problems of clients and employees, and customers reaching out to them.

Analytical skills

People strategizing business must be able to analyze and evaluate the plan. It is necessary to get skilled in market analysis, attention to detail, calculating implementation costs, critical thinking, defining input and output, logical thinking, inductive and deductive reasoning, and systematic thinking.

Communication skills

The strategists’ main part of the job is to communicate a business plan with employers and employees in verbal, writings, and PowerPoint presentations. Communication skills are essential to collaborate, facilitate group discussion, create mission or vision statements, handle constructive criticism, negotiation skills, people skills, pitching ability, team building and working in team, persuasiveness, tactics, and public speaking skills.

Leadership skills

As a strategist, you need to lead your peers, supervisors, and subordinates. This takes strong leadership skills like decisiveness, problem-solving ability, energetic, charisma, flexibility, the anticipation of risk(s), interpersonal skills, management skills, motivational ability, benchmarking, mind mapping, recognize the contributors and establish incentives.

With these skills, one can easily contribute to business success. Now comes the question of how to learn or strengthen these strategic planning skills. Let us see how.

Strengthening your strategic planning skills


Good strategic management is critical for long-term accomplishment in business. It requires strong leadership and administration skills for strategizing business and executing the business strategy effectively. To become a successful business strategist, one of the outstanding and recommended way is to pursue business strategy certification.

The business strategy certification programs empower you to address the pressing strategic business challenges, design a strategy, and execute for your organization. You can leverage the knowledge and skills in human resource management, everyday life exercises, resource allocation, marketing efforts, crisis management like the COVID-19 crisis we are confronting now, or during any downturn period, manufacturing, production, and corporate sustainability.


The strategists are required to address everyday issues and make better strategic decisions at a faster pace. A business strategy certification will enable strategists to conduct need analysis, identify problems, solve problems, plan, make a strategic decision, and realize them to achieve better business value.

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