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6 Tips to Grab Attention with Killing Social Media Content

Social networks were originally designed for communication, not sales. Therefore, you will have to compete for the attention of subscribers with their friends’ posts, news notes, and tons of photos with cute kittens. How to do it? Just create interesting and engaging content.

We will tell you about simple but effective ways to attract an audience, which are suitable for both beginners and those who have long been engaged in brand promotion on social networks.

Tag bloggers and influencers, you mentioned in a post

Citing influencers is one of the best ways to increase engagement, but don’t stop there. Mention the author of the quote:

  • Tag it on the social network with a link to your post;
  • Create an engaging graph and tag the influencer in your post too.

First, your subscribers will love the fact that you cite a niche influencer. Secondly, you can increase your reach through the audience of the author of the quote.

Add social media buttons to your newsletter

If you think SMM and email marketing are competing tools, then you are wrong. With the right approach, they complement each other wonderfully.

Why is adding social media buttons to an email so important? Users can simply skim the text of the message without thinking about the meaning, but they will notice the button as a graphic element, it will attract their attention.

Use hashtags correctly

This is another way to make sure your post is seen by as many people as possible. But remember, hashtags don’t work the same across platforms. Like you, for example, they act as an important factor of engagement on Instagram, but on Facebook, the situation is slightly different. On Instagram, the optimal number of hashtags is 5-10, on Facebook – 1-2.

Post stories

Do you really need to waste time posting stories? Yes! They are viewed first, and many people regularly find something useful in them. It is foolish to miss such a tool! Plus, stories can be entertaining or inspirational, which is a plus. You can also utilize tools like discord name font to increase your font visual appeal for better stories.

Use quizzes and riddles to communicate with subscribers

You have a complete blockage at work, deadlines expired yesterday morning, a hundred new projects appeared today, but instead of hard work, you sit and take a test to find out what kind of bread you are (character from Game of Thrones, fruit, cheese – underline what you need). Familiar situation? Even if you are a super responsible person, from time to time you are tempted to distract yourself and do something frivolous?

If you want more engagement, post entertaining posts – riddles, puzzles, funny quizzes, challenges – all of which subscribers love.

React to current events in the world

One way to connect with your audience is to show that you care about the same thing as theirs. If there is any event of a global or local scale, it is covered in the media and collects a lot of comments on social networks, it is your duty to react to it and show your subscribers that you are “on the topic” and worried.

Yes, capturing the attention of users and running marketing campaigns on platforms that were originally invented for communication is difficult, but real. Above we have provided simple and somewhat obvious tips, but this is the basis on which promotion in social networks is built.

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