A Healthy Lifestyle Is Rare In Our Time

I remember the summer and see in the city so many young girls and more boys who go with beer and a cigarette in their mouths.

What can you do, now such values ​​in the life of young people? It is fashionable now to drink, smoke, etc. and, thank God, drugs have not yet been legalized in most countries.

You look at our youth and you seem weak and frail boys who, in addition to a cigarette and a bottle of beer, held nothing in their hands, and girls – future mothers with a cigarette in their mouths. Fearfully!

Of course, not all of these are honor and praise to those parents who instill in their children a healthy lifestyle. And thanks to those athletes who, by their example, show what a real man should be and what a real mother should be like.

Many young people prefer to look like in the photo, and the worst thing is that in their environment this is considered the norm. So what a healthy lifestyle you can talk to them at all! Premier health center is one of the best health care centers that could help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

The formation of a healthy lifestyle begins with the family and if a child in childhood will engage in physical education and sports, acquire the right habits, then it seems to me that in the future he will adhere to this lifestyle, pass it on to his children.

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That is, we adults should be examples for our children.

So what are the basics of a healthy lifestyle:

1. Refusal of bad habits

All people in the world are aware of the need to abandon bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol. Everyone knows about their harm and still continues to kill their body with poisons. Why is this happening?

And because from generation to generation, it is inherited. And the children take an example from their parents. If dad smokes, and mom sometimes drinks wine, then with a high degree of probability the children will do it. Is it logical? It is logical!

Therefore, from childhood, the child needs to instill the right habits, and then everything will be fine.

2. Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is also an important component of the basics of a healthy lifestyle. If a person constantly eats hamburgers and coffee, then his body cannot work to its fullest, cannot be full of energy and workable.

We must eat reasonably and rationally, take healthy and vitamin-rich foods, and after that our body will thank it with excellent health and the absence of diseases.

3. Physical education and sports

For a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to engage in physical education and sports, because it is not without reason that there is an old Russian proverb:  “A healthy mind is in a healthy body”.

Sport increases the level of the “hormone of happiness” and is the most effective way to get rid of depression, and also improves the health and appearance of a person.

What can I say about this, everyone knows that already. But surprisingly, do not do it. Now getting a child to play sports is a fantasy, it’s easier for him to play a computer or watch TV.

I remember how in childhood we did not climb out of the street: we played football, basketball, hockey in the winter, and now

4. Increased immunity and hardening of the body

Also an important point. It is necessary to increase the body’s resistance to various infections and viruses. About this my article: “How to temper.”  If we do everything right and gradually, then we will practically stop getting sick.

5. Mental health

It is necessary to be psychologically resistant to various life troubles and tribulations. Take psychological training and temper your psyche. Read good literature on self-development. After all, the psychological health of a person is the basis of everything. No wonder they say that all diseases are from nerves.

So I can advise you on only one thing. Engage in the formation of a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your children!

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