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6 Incredibly Amazing Tips for Managing Time in the Office

Got an office space for rent in Noida sector 63 or 62, but having a hard time deciding how to utilize the space? If so, this blog is for you!

Serviced offices have become more prevalent than ever in Delhi/NCR. So, if you’ve successfully found the right private or shared office space in Noida that fits your budget it’s quite an achievement! However, your job doesn’t end here. It’s now time to take complete advantage of the space you’ve invested in.

We’re going to provide you with a list of activities that will help you manage time whilst keeping your employees productive.

Let’s just get into the details.

  1. Forward Planning

Set up a list of essential activities for the day. This can be anything from meetings and meals to events and small client-related tasks.  Planning ahead is the best way to do make the most of the time.

For instance, if you’ve planned a meeting, make sure you have a particular agenda in mind. Discuss the same with your team members and distribute tasks accordingly. Not having an agenda before the meeting will only waste your and your staff’s time.

  1. Focus

Assuming you acquired a large, office space for rent in Noida sector 63. This means, you also have a big team to work with. Now, a big team can lead to lots of distractions. So, how can you ensure proper focus and concentration for your team? The answer to the question is, doing one task at a time.

Fully furnished office space for rent

Train your time to take up one task at a time and move to the next task only after that particular task has finished.

  1. Stop Online Distractions

We’re blessed with the most advanced technology and internet facilities today! But, we cannot let them soak up all of our time. Indulging in these distractions now can lead to major regrets later.

Instead, encourage your employees to make use of distraction-free apps such as HelpMeFocus or AppBlock. These apps will block them from wasting time on random sites for assigned periods of time. It will definitely result in better productivity and efficiency.

  1. Don’t Postpone any Task

We have all heard the famous quote by Abraham Lincoln – “Leave Nothing for Tomorrow Which Can Be Done Today”. This phrase is quite accurate in everyday work life. Sometimes, when the work and stress are too much, we end up postponing certain tasks and duties. This is wrong, we shouldn’t postpone anything.

You must organize stress-relieving activities for your employees so that they can break up tasks and work one each of them one by one. If you’ve chosen a sharedoffice space for rent in Noida sector 63 or any other prominent area, you may also contact the building authorities and discuss this with them. This way, not only yours but the employees from all the offices in the building will be able to connect and relieve stress.

  1. Take Out Time for Breaks

Make sure you take out some time to rest and take a breath. It’s a myth that the more hours you work, the more thing you can get done. The truth is, it is much better to work for an hour after taking rest than working for 5 hours straight without any breaks.

Shared office space in Noida

Overindulging in work isn’t good for anyone’s health. So, no matter how good of a manager or employee one is; taking short breaks is a must.  Capitalize on the open terrace or garden area that your fully furnished office space for rent offers. Enjoy the view or chat with colleagues and clear out thoughts and then get to work. You’ll definitely notice a difference in your working speed.

  1. Email

Let’s assume you’ve overcome all the obstacles hampering productivity at work. But, there’s one thing that cannot be avoided and that is emails. Emails are an integral part of our office lives. They can become major distracting elements especially if one receives them frequently.

Schedule a particular time to check emails and reply to them. Don’t give all your time to them as that’ll prevent you from completing other important tasks.


Along with the above-mentioned pointers, you must take note of factors such as – regular sanitization and cleanliness. Do keep your office space for rent in Noida sector 63 clean and hygienic. It will help you and your team to work better and give your 100%.

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