Best Way to Choose Women’s Weighted Vest

Best Way to Choose Women’s Weighted Vest

It is not surprising that the introduction of the weighted vest is as intimidating as the workout gear. The weight vest women’s fitness is present in all fit, style and color so that it can fit in your body perfectly well. These vests will ensure that you are doing exercise in a way that it is not only safe but is effective to use too. The comfort and the functionality of the weighted vest also matters a lot that is why you should invest appropriately while buying the vest for yourself. 

But the question arises which characteristic you should look for while purchasing the vest for yourself.  Whether you are buying women’s weighted vest CrossFit for your CrossFit classes or want to buy the wear for daily running, you have to look for the following features.

  • Design

When you are searching for the perfect weighted vest for women, you need to look for the design first. There are different varieties of styles and design of weighted vest available for the women. From X feature straps of vest along the chest or the common backpack-style vest which sit perfectly fine on your back leaving the chest area free from the material. Some vests are designed in a way that they fully cover the chest area of the women with flexible fabric.

  • Weight

If we talk about the weight of the womens weighted workout vest, then it can range from 4 pounds to approx. 80 pounds. You have to choose the best that you can handle by keeping in mind the type of exercise you do.  If you are looking to build muscle, then you have to go for the heavier vest. However, the weight of the vest that you wish to buy depends solely on the strength you can bear and can help you in building stamina. These vests are designed in the same way when the weight is the topic that is by using sandbags or metal bars.

  • Material 

While you are going to buy the weighted vest, you need to look out for the right material for your new workout gear. The vest that has the flexible fit of polyester and spandex along with it has the wear and tear resistance of nylon is quite expensive. However, the vest that is made from neoprene will be in the low or medium range.

  • Comfort

 Be it any womens weighted workout vest; you must look for the comfort that you can enjoy while doing the workout. You need to pay close attention to the adjustability as well as the padding of the weighted vest so that you can do the workout without any pain. The vest which has the padding on the straps, as well as the chest torso, will be more comfortable than the one without it. Check that the vest has the adjustable straps so that they can fit you properly. If it is loose, then there are chances that it will bounce while you are doing workout and if it’s too tight, you have difficulty in breathing.

So, you need to take into account your body type, style, comfort, design and objective while buying the best-weighted vest for women.

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