Choosing The Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals In India

With the increasing incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and liver cirrhosis, kidney failure has become a common occurrence. Many people choose to ignore signs of kidney damage until they end up with end-stage renal failure. While dialysis is useful to a certain extent, ultimately, the only treatment for this condition is a kidney transplant.

Tips for choosing a kidney transplant hospital

  • Treatment Quality

While choosing the transplant center, pay utmost attention to the treatment quality. Check the total kidney transplants performed and their success rate. Go through patient reviews and speak to the accounts department to check if you can maximize benefits from your insurance.

  • Medical team

The medical team is the main factor in choosing a good hospital. Go through the credentials and experience of the transplant team. Make sure they can answer your doubts and explain the transplant procedure clearly to you. Try to take multiple opinions from the top kidney transplant surgeons in India before you make your decision.

  • Location

Kidney transplants require multiple follow-ups. Check whether the location of the hospital is convenient for you and your caretaker for frequent visits.

Top 5 best hospitals for kidney transplants in India

  • Max Hospital

Max Hospital India houses the top kidney transplant surgeons in India. It has continued to remain as the leading center for kidney transplants and other kidney-related disorders. Its affordable treatment programs are well-known throughout the country. This institute is one of the few in the country which offers ABO incompatible kidney transplant. It uses innovative technology for robotic kidney transplants. Its highly efficient transplant team performs laparoscopic kidney transplants for the donor. They try to make the surgery as non-intrusive as possible. The technologically advanced transplant ICU contains specialized HEPA filters. This lamellar airflow minimizes postoperative infections.

  • AIIMS Hospital, Delhi

It is one of the top medical institutes in the country. It offers a research center for pediatric nephrology. It also provides comprehensive treatment for nephrotic syndrome, chronic kidney disease, and urinary infections.

  • Apex Kidney Centre

This charitable trust, established in 2008, is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of kidney diseases. In addition to comprehensive care, they provide nutrition information. They conduct programs and seminars for surgeons and dialysis technicians. They organize patient awareness programs and provide organ transplant resources.

  • Coimbatore Kidney Centre, Tamil Nadu

This hospital has conducted around 200 kidney transplantation surgeries. They boast an innovative steroid-free kidney transplantation procedure. Their comprehensive and affordable packages attract patients from all over the country.

  • Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore

This leading institution has a large number of medical tourists coming in for kidney treatments. It has two wings dedicated solely to nephrology. It provides patients with the opportunity to speak to multiple doctors for their opinions. It also has a special clinic for child kidney care headed by a pediatric nephrologist.

The right kidney transplant hospital choice heavily influences your treatment and recovery. Make sure to filter through the numerous options and choose wisely. Do not procrastinate. Contact kidney transplant centers for your appointment today!

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