Color Palette of The Year Ahead 2021

Color Palette of The Year Ahead 2021

As we step into another year of this decade, we are all hopeful for the pandemic to end. The bygone year has taught us to be grateful, and we are optimistic about this fresh year ahead. The color trend of the year 2021 is more inclined towards calming and soothing shades but definitely with a pop of color. Slowly and steadily things are getting back to normal, but we are still spending a lot of time indoors, hence it is a good idea to redo the Home Wall Painting. Experts have released the color palette for the year 2021 and it sure looks refreshing. Let’s see some stunning Wall Painting Ideas that you can try this year.

Illuminating Yellow and Soothing Gray

Illuminating yellow and soothing gray has been declared the colors of the year 2021 by paint giants. This combination signifies the sunshine after the dark clouds have dispersed. These colors have been picked to personify two moods, gray for the struggles we had last year and yellow for the positive and cheerful times ahead.

Gray is a neutral shade, which blends well with all contrast, dark colors. If you are someone who doesn’t like it loud, then paint your walls steel gray and bring the bright yellow in your décor. Throw in some yellow pillows, falls or even yellow accent furniture is enough to brighten up your room.

Warm Earthy Tones

The year 2020 reconnected all of us to our basics and we learned to be grounded. Humanity took over and left our experts inspired. Warm earthy tones have shades of brown, off-white, tan, clay red, green, muted blues, and whites. These colors bring us close to mother earth, and they are a constant reminder of how powerful nature is.

Earthy tones bring balance and peace to the house and are very soothing to look at. Since we all spend a lot of time on screen, these colors bring in a sense of calmness around you. Match these tones with some soft-shaded décor, like baby pink or sky blue, and you are sorted.

Deep Pigmented Color with Faded Background

This year we will see juicer colors coming back into the trend as we all want to bring back our lives on track. Bright colors, not loud will be seen teamed with softer hues of the same shade in the background. We all are craving for positivity in our lives and what better than painting your walls with positive colors like coral pink, magenta, or burnt orange.

Experts advise picking dark and soft tone of the same color to create a grading effect, or one can also try colors which are next to each other on the palette. The year 2020 united us to our families, which evoked a sense of togetherness and this combination replicates the same.

Colors of The Sky & The Ocean

Nothing can be more soothing than watching the waves hit the shore or staring at the bright, clear sky. Both the sky and the ocean have one thing in common and that’s their blue shade. This becomes a favorite pick of this year 2021, as shades like aquatic blue, marine blue, sky blue are serene and it gives the house a sense of harmony. Decorating the house with some natural wooden furniture, brick walls, or textured designs, will increase the style quotient of your house.

We hope the above shared Wall Painting Ideas swept you into a world of imagination and you will consider these when you think of Home Wall Painting and renovating in the future.

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