E-Commerce Leaps Ahead By Using Social Media Customer Service Software
E-Commerce Leaps Ahead By Using Social Media Customer Service Software

E-Commerce Leaps Ahead By Using Social Media Customer Service Software

The usual way for customer support in business is to offer email and telephone support. Email is slow and may not be favoured by everyone. The problem with telephone calls is being able to get through to the right person who can take a decision during the call. Telephone conversations, by their very nature, are not visible to other customers. Further, the younger generation of shoppers prefers to interact through channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and SMS. In such cases your existing phone and email support proves inadequate. This is reactive service. What if you think of proactive use of these social media channels for marketing, surveys, campaigns and support? You will need social media customer service software built on a solid communication platform that inherits IP PBX and contact center software features.

It is time to switch to social media customer service software

Social media is becoming inseparable from ecommerce. By 2021, its market share will increase by about 34%. Those who took part in a survey state that they would purchase directly from any of the social channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and 70% of such consumers search social media channels. Nike-Snapchat promotion resulted in Air Jordan III Tinker model selling out in just 23 minutes. The indicators all point to social media customer service software as being indispensable for ecommerce operations.

Customer service side in e-commerce 

The most recommended option by way of customer service software is to use affordable omnichannel contact center software that integrates Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your service executives can access any and all of these channels through a single dashboard for customer service with quite a few advantages:

  • A single Whatsapp number and WhatsApp web interface for easy communication from desktop with a customer, who is using a mobile, listen to grievances, share video or engage in video chat.
  • Access Facebook post about an issue, respond and let the thread go into your CRM for linking with other communications from the same customer, unifying everything and assuring promptness. Customers like being addressed on the channel of their choice.
  • Resolution of customer issues reflect in social media posts and that is a good thing for you since it acts as a positive testimonial.

Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are now the preferred channels. Switch and you will see an uptick in positive customer experiences. You can do more with your omnichannel contact center software that incorporates social media.

Let customer speak

Take a look back at the old phone and IVR survey. What you get is individual responses. Now fast forward to social channels for customer speak and what do you have? Facebook and Instagram, for instance, allow you to invite all customers through a publicly visible message to speak out and express opinions, reviews and thoughts as well as send in suggestions. What you are doing, in effect, is conducting something like a conference where everyone can talk and listen to what others say. It creates a sense of belonging and pride in contributing to your ecommerce improvements. You can post videos and so can customers. An influencer can speak as a customer and impress thousands of people.

Additional channels for sales 

The ecommerce site need not be the only touchpoint for sales. Instagram permits you to post images that can link to your site. Facebook permits you to launch products and link to your ecommerce site. So, from serial operation you switch to multi-lane parallel ecommerce operations. Your posts are viewed by prospective customers and shared with others, which activity is effortless promotion for you. WhatsApp works in a different way in that you can create groups of customers and send out such sales promotion offers and deals. There are over 2.46 billion social media users, a figure to keep in mind. On an average a customer spends about 2 hours on social media. If they have a positive experience they will buy and, in addition, recommend.

Building your persona

Ecommerce and websites are all about sales and revenues. Social is more about being human, pandering to the inherent human instinct for interaction and, by leveraging emotion, building your brand persona. For instance, it is easy to use Facebook and Twitter to contribute to social causes or other issues of human interest. This type of activity indirectly and positively reflects on your brand. People watch and are better inclined to pick you when you create a well rounded, identifiable associative personality they can relate with. You can build loyalty using Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

Switch to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as your ecommerce social service/marketing tools. Your telephone recedes into the background and serving customers with a delightful experience gives you happiness, more loyalty and more revenues. Just get the right omnichannel contact center software that has social media layered on top.



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