reloading magazine
reloading magazine

Everything You Need To Know About Speed Loaders

Everyone knows that getting shot by a bullet sure is painful but everyone does not know that loading bullets can be painful too. The process of loading bullets into the magazine for the shooting is quite a painful activity. To resolve this problem, magazine speed loaders are invented. They are used to load bullets into shotguns, rifles, pistols etc. One basic requirement of speed loaders is that they should be well constructed and preferably made of durable material. Their durable material is necessary for properly reloading magazine

Since the main function of speed loader is to prevent your fingers to get sore, a person needs to check the comfort of the loader before buying it. Because your fingers are protected from getting sore, the speed loader is also named as ‘thumb-saver’. The loading of magazines can be difficult as some magazines are of high capacity which leads to higher spring pressure on the person loading the magazine. To make this work easy, speed loaders should be used.

There are several kinds of speed loaders in the market. They are the best option to reload magazines are they are relatively cheap, less painful and saves time. Some of the best speed loaders are:

  1. Glock Magazine Speed Loader: This speed loader is the cheapest among all with a price of $10. The cheap price does not mean that the quality of the loader is compromised. It is of premium quality as it is made of durable material which makes it light and strong. Since it is lightweight, the loading process is made much easier and quicker. The design is pretty simple and it is kept in a basic way which makes sure that the pressure put on your is less and bullets are already primed down. 
  2. Caldwell Universal Pistol Loader: Getting acquainted with using this pistol loader can be a difficult task for the first time but once it is done, your loading experience can be as easy as possible. Once the loader is adjusted properly, you can use this loader for more than one type. One single pistol loader can be used for the loading of different magazines of various calibre like a wide single stack, small double stack, expanded double stack and various light-weight magazines as well. 
  3. Maker Shot Custom Magazine Speed Loader: This speed loader is made of a high-quality polymer in the USA. The shape of the loader is designed in such a way that it matches perfectly with the pistol. This makes the loading process a lot quicker and efficient. This loader also has an easy charging to enable the feature. This feature allows preventing the creaky joints form the pistol. 

These speed loaders are the best option for loading magazines. The manglula speed loader is a quality product that should be bought carefully. There are other kinds of speed loaders as well. If you are looking for a speed loader, check your requirements and have a look at our list to choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

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