Guide To Choose The Excellent Sandbags With Handles For Patient Safety

When it comes to buying something for a healthy person, you don’t need to think too much. You can simply pick whatever is generally better than the other products. But when the purchasing is for a patient, you have to be very careful. So, you can’t pick just any sandbag for patient positioning. If you don’t know how to select sandbags with handles, here is a small guide that will help you out.

#1 Examine the Material

One of the major aspects that have to be considered while buying sandbags is the material it is made from. In case you opt for the wrong product, it may end up getting torn or stained during the process. This won’t just waste your money, but it can also hurt the patient or the helper. That is why you must check that the bag’s material must be strong enough to handle all the aggressive usage.

#2 Look for Leakage

Sometimes sandbags tend to leak from one spot or the other. This decreases the overall life-span of the bag, and the patient may also feel uncomfortable with it. Therefore, it is crucial to opt only for leak-proof sandbags so that they will go a long way and provide proper comfort to the patient.

#3 Type of Bag

Depending on your usage, you can pick from one of these types of sandbags:


  • Classic Sandbags: These are simple bags filled with sand. They are mostly used for medical imaging purposes.
  • Sandbags with Handles: These are exactly like the classic sandbags, except for the presence of a handle. The handle makes the entire process more convenient, and the bag can be moved here and there without any problems.
  • Donut Sandbags: These sandbags come in a donut shape, and they are extremely comfortable for the patient. Again, depending on your usage, you can opt for this.

#4 Size of Bag

Another essential factor is the sandbag’s size. According to the type you choose, there can be bags of different dimensions. The bag’s size will also affect its weight. Thus, you need to take care of that as well. Plus, a wrong bag wouldn’t solve its purpose and will be challenging to use. The best option here is to analyze your usage and the amount of weight you can lift. Then only opt for a suitable sandbag and gait belt to transfer patient. Otherwise, you won’t be able to benefit much from the bag.

#5 Other Features

Unlike other places, medical areas require extra hygiene. Hence, a usual sandbag will increase your job by accumulating germs again and again. This can affect the patient’s health badly. To avoid this, you must look for properties like anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. These features will ensure that the sandbag doesn’t store bacteria or germs, and the patient doesn’t fall ill due to it.


By analyzing these few factors carefully, you will be able to pick the best sandbags with handles for your purpose. However, remember to buy sandbags only from reliable manufacturers. They themselves examine everything and make sure that the bag is safe for use. So, you don’t have to worry about anything later.

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