Hair System For Women: A Suitable Solution For Hair Loss

Let’s accept it: hair loss can be quite embarrassing no matter how much love you shower upon yourself or try to be confident about it. The mere sight of your precious, gorgeous strands falling dead in your hands is heartbreaking. When you’ve had the most breathtaking hair, it’s challenging to accept the change all of a sudden.


And that’s why hair system for women can have fantastic effects not only on their outer appearance but also on their self-esteem, leading them back to believing in themselves.

What are Hair Systems?

A hair system is a non-surgical hair replacement method used to cover either the particular bald spots or entire scalp, as per the user’s requirements. Wigs, hairpieces, toupees, etc. are some examples.

Types of Hair Systems for Women

Hair systems can be divided into several categories, based on two significant factors- the type of base and kind of hair used.

1. Based on Hair System’s Base

The base of these hair systems can either be mesh fabrics (lace) or polymers (skin).

  • Lace

Generally made out of nylon and other fabrics, a lace hair system is the best option when it comes to retaining the naturalness in your appearance, especially your front hairline. When maintained properly, these can last up to one to two months.

  • Skin

Hair systems with these bases are highly durable and can last up to three to four months easily. The skin-base bears a resemblance to the human scalp skin and can even be dyed as per the user’s comfort. Their only drawback is they are not suitable to wear during extreme summers because there’s not much gap in the base like the lace ones have. Due to this, the scalp faces suffocation.

2. Based on Hair Material Used

Besides the base, another essential component of a hair system is the type of hair material. Human and synthetic hair are the ones which are preferred widely by women when deciding their hair systems.

  • Human Hair

As the name suggests, the hair in such wigs or hairpieces is natural human hair, thereby adding naturalness and life to your face. You can freely move your hand through the strands, feeling each one, without any restriction. Moreover, they are soft and can last up to 12 to 36 months when kept in good condition.

  • Synthetic Hair

With technological innovations increasing tenfold, even synthetic hair wigs are now designed in such a way that they tend to appear precisely like human hair. The only difference being their lack of versatility when it comes to styling.

Why Choose Hair Systems?

Hair system for men and women, compared to surgical methods, offer instantaneous results which can be changed easily if it is not to your liking. They are remarkably cheaper than hair transplant surgeries and come with almost no side-effects!


Wearing a hair system is not shying away from yourself or hiding your flaws. It’s like wearing make-up to make you feel good, not others. Therefore, to all the women experiencing severe hair loss out there: it’s to accept the latest trend and choose our roots, ourself.

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