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How Can Companies Manage Workforce Goals & Accountability In 2021?

As the global pandemic, coronavirus forced a multitude of businesses to make the transition to full-time remote work, most business leaders were worried that efficiency levels would take a hit. However, it turns out that the opposite has happened: employee productivity has improved substantially. Considering the same, a good number of organizations in India are planning to double their remote workforce in the coming times.

In addition, while people are getting more done, innovation is slowing, with most businesses experiencing the feeling of disconnect and face in remote collaboration as key incumbents. That being said, Indian companies will have to double-down on their communication efforts to keep employees engaged and move the company forward.

We all know that goal alignment plays a key role in driving innovation and motivating employees to be their best selves. But the remote work model makes accountability a bit more difficult. So, in this blog, we will talk about some effective strategies that can emphasize accountability as well as achievement in the year 2021.

Take a look.

Clear goals

A big challenge that hinders forward progress is that employees usually do not understand the day-to-day responsibilities that in turn makes them disengaged and unmotivated. An efficient way to solve this problem is to have a good communication medium in place. Now, HR software in India is a great communication tool that is taking over the corporate world like never before. Such systems can be used to clarify goals to every employee in just a few clicks. Since such systems clear goals to employees, the only duty HR managers will be left with is helping employees to feel a greater sense of purpose in their work and a deeper connection to their team and the organization as a whole.

Collect Employee Input

Goal setting should always be a collaborative process with leaders and team members working together to formulate a plan. Employees often do not feel connected to the process or feel like their goals are set without their involvement that negatively affects their engagement and motivation. To avoid such a situation, HR managers can either discuss with them in person or rely on surveys to solicit employees’ input on the goal setting and accountability process. Both ways, a company can easily figure out how their employees feel about the process that can further boost employee engagement.

Design Goals Into Day-to-day Activities

Oftentimes, employees sit in a meeting and think, “What is the purpose of this? I could be getting actual work done.” Now, every employee must know that everything they are asked to do has a purpose that matters, that it somehow contributes to the larger company-wide effort. That being said, employers and HR managers should start by laying out goals for every meeting on the agenda and create a system for tracking progress toward every action. They should keep these goals front and center and hold regular stand-ups with employees to ensure progress does not stall.

Be Realistic & Sensitive

As mentioned at the beginning, the whole WFH shift has increased the overall productivity of employees. A major reason behind this is because employees have been working more hours, creating significant work/life balance problems and contributing to considerable burnout. Every organization has realized that WFH during a pandemic comes with a host of challenges. In such a scenario, it is quite normal if employees fail to put in their effort. Business leaders should understand the same and try to support their employees in every way possible.

That is it.

The new working models do not change the organization’s or an employee’s individual goals—it just changes how we allow for that work to get done.

So, frequent check-ins with employees where HR managers not only talk about progress toward goals but also any work/life challenges can help companies to be aware of problems and take necessary actions before things go out of control.  Lastly, investing in one of the best HR software in India is also a great step to improve collaboration and engagement in the long run.

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