How Effective are Neurological Rehab Centers

Neurology and physiotherapy work on different philosophies, yet these are beginning to find their way into our lives by means of best neuro rehab centers in Delhi

Neurological rehabilitation is a long drawn process in most parts of the world. But, in India, thanks to the recent advancements in the neurological sciences and physiotherapy techniques have added a sense of delight among both patients and practitioners groups who consider neurological rehabilitation as a means to improve motor responses by overcoming critical neurological disorders.

Ageing, lifestyle and accidents are the three major reasons why we are seeing a rapid rise in the number of cases related to neurological / neuro physiological disorders. Due to mutagenic influences in the gene pool, we are also seeing a rampant rise in the number of babies born with neurological disorders. Rehab centers in Delhi are entrusted with restoring all or some levels of movement in the parts affected by neurological diseases.

Globally, 2.4 billion people undergo some or the other form of neuro rehab procedures, with only 10% in India accounting in the total number of cases. Delhi, being the national capital, witnesses a majority of such cases reported and undergoing treatment. These are followed by cases in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Jaipur.

When to Choose Neuro Rehab Center

Due to obvious reasons of lack of information about physiotherapy and its correlation to neurological disorders, there is a serious dearth in resources in this area.

In Delhi, only 2 out of 100 reported cases of accidents that result in some kind of neurological ailment ever get an entry or screening with the physiotherapists.

1 in thousand cases would have enough resources to foot in the bills of a standard neuro rehab center.

But, neuro rehab centers in Delhi are unique — they get a lot of cases resulting from age related and lifestyle dependent crisis, and dementia and obesity are few of the common examples.

According to a global survey, best neuro rehab centers offer low cost rehabilitation and interventions requiring either monthly OPD visits and medication, or bi weekly neuro physiotherapy sessions with the best physiotherapists and neurological doctors in West Delhi.

The availability of both practicing groups in Delhi has saved and improved the life conditions of millions who are mostly from low income and lower middle income families.

Types of Disorders that Require Intervention of a Neuro Rehab Center

The common types of disorders entered into a neuro rehab center are listed as below;

  1. Musculoskeletal disorders — lower back pain, slipped disc, neck pain, wrist / carpal pain, amputation
  2. Neurological disorders, Multiple sclerosis, Gouillain-Barré syndrome, Spinal cord injury etc
  3. Sensory impairments, hearing loss, etc
  4. Mental disorders, ADHDs, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
  5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  6. CVDs / heart failure/ angioplasty
  7. Neoplasms

How Neurological Damage Affects Your Life?

The Central Nervous System is the highway lane of our lives — it controls everything we feel, do and react to. Any twitch or damage to the CNS, which includes brain, spinal cord and nerves could result in temporary or permanent loss of sensation, movement or memory. In short, when messages don’t reach from your brain to the affected parts of the body, you would experience a rise in incoherent behavior in speech and motion, loss of movement in limbs, weak or fragile muscles, and in worst case, paralysis and loss of senses and memory.

Neuro rehab centers are associated with physical aspects of restoring body motion and movement in affected parts. These would essentially involve a series of body motion evaluation, tests and battery of exercises / procedures to ease difficulties arising from the neurological disorders. Neuro rehab centers in Delhi also course a roadmap for patients who have suffered a serious trauma recently or in the past, such as loss of limb or limbs, foot, fingers, or slipped disc.

If you are a middle-aged and obese Indian man or a woman with a history of diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, CVD or other ailments in your family, and have been finding it hard to take less than 10000 steps a day, you should see a neuro rehab center today!

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