How to Prepare for GATE 2022 Civil Engineering (CE)

GATE 2022 will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur. Civil Engineering is the most opted branch of Engineering as it has a lot of Government Jobs opportunities. Many PSUs and even in ESE, the maximum vacancies are for Civil Engineers which make GATE highly competitive in nature. Also, while preparing for the GATE Exam, priority to some specific subjects can be given like Fluid Mechanics, Geotech, Strength of Materials and Environment Engineering as these are the main subjects and a student must have a deep understanding of these subjex`cts to solve GATE level questions.

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One of the most important things while preparing for GATE is doing the analysis of previous years as it gives you an idea how the actual paper will look like. There are many platforms that perform the GATE CE Paper Analysis and one of them is Gradeup.

Live analysis for GATE EE 2020 was done by Gradeup last year and will be conducting a live analysis for GATE CE 2021. This analysis will help GATE 2021 aspirants as well as GATE 2022 aspirants. Check GATE 2020 Analysis below:


GATE CE 2020 Analysis

Subject Set 1 Set 2 Important Topics covered
Number of Questions Total Marks Number of Questions Total Marks
1 Marks 2 Marks 1 Marks 2 Marks
Hydrology 1 1 3 2 1 4 Flood routing, Hydrograph, Ground water Hydrology, Analysis of gravity dam
Irrigation 1 0 1 1 1 3 Water requirement of crops, Cross drainage structures
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 4 3 10 2 2 6 Laminar and Turbulent flow, Buoyancy and floatation, Fluid kinematics, Fluid dynamics, open channel flow, Pipe flow, Boundary layer theory
Strength of Materials 1 2 5 3 1 5 Stress and strain, Deflection of beams, Transformation of stress, Bending stresses
Building Materials 2 0 2 0 0 0 Concrete, Test on stones
Construction Management 0 0 0 0 0 0 Arches and Cables,
Structural Analysis 2 1 4 0 3 6 Truss Analysis, Influence line diagram, Analysis of beams
RCC and prestressed concrete 1 2 5 1 2 5 Bond, Design of beam, Prestressed concrete
Environmental Engineering 3 4 11 3 4 11 Water treatment, Quality of water, Disposal of sewage, Air pollution, Solid waste management
Transportation Engineering 2+ 4 10 3 4 11 Geometric design of highway, Pavement design, Traffic Engineering, Airport design, Highway materials
Surveying 0+ 2 4 0 2 4 Traversing, Compass survey, Levelling
Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering 4+ 5 14 4 5 14 Soil properties, site investigation, Shear strength, slope stability, Soil permeability, Effective stress and seepage analysis, Earth pressure theories, Consolidation of Soil, Shallow foundation
Engineering Mechanics 0+1 2 0 0 0 Equilibrium of forces
DSS 0+ 1 2 1 1 3 Design of connection, Plastic Analysis
Engineering Mathematics 4+ 4 12 5 4 13 Differential Equation, Limit and continuity, numerical methods, Calculus, Linear algebra, Probability, Fourier Transform

Know the Exam Pattern & Syllabus for GATE 2022 Exam

  • While preparing for GATE CE you must go through the GATE Pattern which includes MCQ, MSQ, NAT type of questions, and their marking scheme.
  • In-depth knowledge of the syllabus is required, a student must familiarize himself/herself with the subjects thoroughly. GATE CE syllabus includes Strength of Materials, Structure Analysis, RCC and Prestressed Concrete, Design of Steel Structures, Engineering Mechanics, Geotech, Hydrology and Irrigation, Transportation and Surveying, Environmental Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Building Materials and Construction Management, Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude.

Core-Subjects for GATE

  • Core subjects hold a weightage of 72% in GATE and play an important role in getting overall ranks.
  • Candidates must prioritize the core subjects as they make your concepts & basics strong which in turn help to prepare other subjects as well.

Prioritize Important Topics

  • Hard work must be accompanied by Smart work in order to attain better results.
  • So after getting familiar with the syllabus, one must prioritize the topics and subjects on the basis of previous year analysis and must focus on important topics which hold a good weightage.

Proper Study Plan for 2022 GATE Exam

  • After knowing the syllabus in depth, the next step is framing a schedule which has to be followed throughout the preparation journey.
  • To avoid overexertion, keep some time for relaxation in your schedule.
  • Sticking to this plan throughout is the key to success, hence consistency is important for GATE CE 2022.

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Time Management for GATE Exam 2022

  • One must have time management skills to crack this exam with flying colors.
  • GATE aspirants should utilize each second effectively.
  • One must divide the time efficiently for completing the syllabus, sample papers, revision.


  • Practice makes a man perfect, practice every topic you study to have better results.
  • Practicing daily leads to perfection of a particular topic and GATE CE is more like a conceptual exam and students who practice more end up achieving a good rank.

Mock Tests & Previous Year Question Papers

  • Mock Tests improve your scores and ranks in the actual exam as it helps you to solve problems within a time duration of the actual exam and for mock test, join the live classes for GATE 2022 Exam.
  • Previous year question papers give a rough idea of what questions can be expected and what the actual paper will look like.

Other important tips for GATE 2022 Civil

  • Read thoroughly the basic concepts of CE
  • Make notes while studying
  • Always keep daily and weekly targets, and try to achieve them.
  • Practice previous years question papers
  • Before starting a new subject, revise the previous one.
  • Take help from previous years question banks


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