How to Sell on Instagram?

In today’s technology age, it is very possible to reach more people from where you are and if you are a company or person who sells products, you can eat more bread thanks to technology. First of all, you should have a really good knowledge of technology and know how and where to deliver your products to more audiences. Having a great number of followers is also important. If you don’t have enough, you can Buy Instagram Followers UK from a trusted service seller. The social medium that will really help you in this regard is of course Instagram. In this article, we want to tell you about Ways to Sell on Instagram. We hope that you will deliver your products to more people and sell your products thanks to the steps we have shown.

First of all, the Way to Sell on Instagram is of course trust. The first thing you should do is to impressively photograph your products or your own handicrafts and upload them to your page. If you are a corporate company; You must definitely share the location of your company address and your company’s website on your Instagram page. It is necessary to specify the content and price of the product you are selling. It should be clearly stated that products whose prices are not specified are always ignored. Of course, the affordable price policy is among the Ways to Sell on Instagram. If possible, it will also be possible for you to post your products for free to people with several famous bloggers or many followers on Instagram and introduce you on their own pages, so that you can earn followers and increase your sales at this rate. It is also possible to increase your sales with various campaigns in your products. In this way, your follower will start to increase.

In addition, if you have a website; Again, you can reach your website by shopping directly on your page and enable your followers to shop. This step is especially important for people who shop with credit cards. After the sales you have made, you can request photos from your followers, whose products reach their hands, and you can gain the trust of your followers by sharing this on your page. Reaching the buyer of the products sold in a short time will also increase the interest in your page. If it is possible, if you put small gifts next to the products bought, the person will like it very much and will tell many people about your page. If the products you sell are paid at the door, trust on your page will increase and followers will not be afraid to shop from you.

Instagram Survey Feature

Instagram, which constantly renews itself and creates a platform where its users can have a more fun and enjoyable time, has brought a lot of noise especially to its new feature. The Instagram Survey Feature, which was introduced to users, was used by many users from the very first day and received great acclaim. If we talk about Instagram survey feature; It is a feature that the user wants to ask his followers and friends on any subject through his story and give his answers on the questionnaire.

For example; You are thinking of buying a phone, but you are undecided between the two phones, immediately upload a photo of it to your story and click on the smiley face in the upper right corner. You will see that there are various stickers and “survey” stickers in the area that opens. Select the questionnaire and write your question in the place that says “Ask a question”. If the answer is “yes-no”, you can directly share it, if not, you can complete the questionnaire by writing the answers you want to receive the sections that say “yes-no”. Then complete your story and wait for your followers to participate in the survey. When people who follow you see your story, they will participate in your survey by marking their own answers to your survey. When the participation in your survey reaches a sufficient level, below the answers you want to receive, you will see the percentages of your followers’ answers based on their thoughts. In this way, you will be able to find an answer to the question that you have in mind with the answers that your followers give intensely.

If you are wondering who the respondents were and who answered what, simply pull up the list of people displayed in your story. Thanks to this new feature coming to Instagram, you will be able to interact more with your followers and have fun. It will be possible to obtain efficiency by using the questionnaire feature, which will be very useful especially for individuals and corporate companies with high followers on Instagram. You can also choose the color of the articles you write in the story section with the survey feature or position the stickers you use in the area you want. You can download and start using this newly released feature with Instagram 16 version in all Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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