Most Beautiful Islands In The World

From The Reader’s Choice: The Most Beautiful Islands In The World

If visiting the most graceful island in the world is next on your bucket list, here we bring you a list of the most beautiful islands in the world where you can experience something unexpected and unmatchable. The beauty of the islands can impress anybody in no time as it is one of the beautiful creations of nature.

When we think about the islands, it is often turquoise water, fine-sand beaches, palm trees, coral cliffs, reefs, rain-forests, caves, and other beautiful wildlife that comes to mind. And when all these attributes combine together, it gives a perfect answer for those who are looking for heaven on the earth. 

Apart from this, a gorgeous sunset, a variety of species, sports activities, shiny sky – there are so many things that can catch your attention and leave you speechless for the time being. If you have fed up with the diverse population, polluted environment, and hustle-bustle of daily routine of the city life, islands are the most perfect destinations to change your mind. 

Havelock Island Andaman

Let’s walk through the list of most beautiful islands that you must visit once in your life for some extraordinary experience

  • Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most visited destination in the world, whether you’re looking for a honeymoon or a family trip, it can satiate your wanderlust. The culture of the Balis is something to notice that not only includes natural heritage but also artistic paintings, music dance, etc. And when it comes to the beaches of Bali, rich flora and fauna, a wide variety of bird species and the climate attract the tourists most. 

  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and known as the tourist hotspot as it is home to beautiful luxury resorts which further enhances the beauty of the island. It is surrounded by a lagoon which is separated by a central reef making it one of the magnificent destinations to travel to. Tourists are drawn to the beauty of the islands that includes pristine seawater, beautiful beaches, and seaside resorts. 

  • Palawan, Philippines

Another perfect destination to spend a flabbergast vacay is Palawan which is also a group of islands. This island is rated by many travel agencies such as National Geographic Traveler as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. And the reason behind its beauty is its unexploited flora which is untouched by the advancement of the era yet. You can take a hike through the jungles and relax on the white sand at the beaches and enjoy some water sport activities here.   

  • Havelock, Andaman

Let’s walk through another popular island among the tourists – Havelock Island. Now officially known as Swaraj Dweep, located about 70 km North of the city capital- Port Blair. It has sandy beaches, blue water, and a beautiful climate. Laze around on the beautiful beaches, explore the dense and serene mangroves, swim among the exotic corals, snorkel, get yourself indulge in scuba diving, and exploring the wilderness on long jungle treks are some of the best things to do in Havelock Island that tourists enjoy the most here.  

  • Fiji

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is an island country formed due to volcanic activity. It is popular for the tropical climate, flora, fauna to thrive, turquoise blue water to dive and white sand to relax & soak the sun. You can explore this beautiful island by indulging yourself in scuba diving, exploring the coral reefs surrounding the island, and taking a long walk on the white sand beaches. 

So next time when you look for the perfect destination for your dream vacay where you can take a long walk on beaches, dive into the crystal clear seawater, sit and relax under the palm beaches and soak in the beautiful sun, do not forget to consult this list.  

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