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Nike Air Max Sequent 4.5 Men’s Running Shoe

True: The Vast Majority Of Nikes, Pumas, Adidas Etc Are Made By Independent Factories Under Contract. Often, These Factories Or A Handful Of People In Then Make Some “extra” Shoes Over And Above What They Are Contracted For, Then Send Them To Unofficial Distribution Channels. Legally, The Shoes Are “fake”, But They Are Literally Technically Identical To The Real Deal. Almost As Real, Some Factories Bribe People In Winning Factories To Send Spec Sheets: These Are Detailed Technical Drawings, Materials Needs And At Times Recommended Manufacturing Techniques. As Long As You Can Source The Materials (tricky But Not Impossible With Adidas Boost Material), You Can Make A Near Perfect Replica, Much More Accurate Than Reverse Engineering The Shoe. some Of The Comments Stating That These Shoes Are By Same People ,same Materials So In Some Sense Aren’t Fake. They Are Fake Because They Are Not The Original Brain Behind The Design, Some Athletic Shoes Have A Lot Of Research Behind Them,that Costs Money And Niche Human Skills Arent Cheap.

but, Here’s One Point Too- Nike,addidas Or The Likes Charge Way Way More Than The Base Price Just Because Of Names. Your Country Must Have Local Brands Who Provide Shoes In The Same Segment But With Lower Prices . Brand Name Counts Because People Get Swayed By Them. If I Wear A Loafer,canvas Shoes Would It Matter If Its From Puma Or Addidas? Absolutely Not ,the Domestic Brands Are Comfortable Enough But Then Our Vanity Has Got Better Of Us. i Just Got My First Original China-Cheap-Air-Jordan-Shoes , Nike Air Max Sequent 3.

i Was So Happy Bcs My Grandma Bought Them For Me .
sometimes I Wear Them , Sometimes I Wear My Fake Yeezys
that My Other Grandma Bought Me For 8$.
im Not Really Rich .. My Mom Works Private Every Day…. Im Just Glad She Bought Me Them .. I Wear Yeezys Yet From September 08. 2018. I Still Wear Them With Smile On My Face Without Care About My Friends Opinion.
tbh Idc What Other Ppl Think About My Shoes.

also , I Have An Fake Jbl Xtreme 3 . I Used Him On Last Day Of School And When They Ask Me Is It Real , I Of Course That Its Fake , But I Care Only About That I Have One..

idc What Other People Think About My Style…. how Am I A Hater When Ur So Lame? Give It Up Already. U Say U Wear The Mask So Ppl Cant Identify U Well All They Need To Do Is Find The Idiot Wearing A Mask All The Time So Who U Really Avoiding? U Would Be Mor Incognito With Ur Face. If Ppl Really Cared To Find U U Would B Found By Now Anyways. Not Only Do U Look Lame As F, I’ve Seen U Be Wrong About Legit Checks. U Told A Kid His Shoes Were Fake When They Were Real And They Were Testing You To See How Good You Were And You Failed. Rich Celebrity Or A Poor Guy You Can’t Tell Somebody Else How To Spend Their Money If They Want To Buy Fake Sh*t That’s Up To Them Worry About Your Own Feet And What Goes On Them. Yeezys Are So Flipping Gay Anyway. Mind Ur Business. laxx1559 Yeah I Get It. I Get The Whole Thing. It Was More Said As A Humorous First Glance Comment. I Really Like The Part Were He Goes Through The Elements Of Craftsmanship That Goes Into The Making And Faking Of These Fake-Jordan-Site-Best-Fake-Jordan. I Reminds Me Of The Stories From The 1700s When Shoe Makers Deliberately Would Experiment With Certain Materials And Constructions To Make Boots Squeak In Just The Right Way Because The Squeaking Was Seen As A Sign Of Quality And Bravado -a Peacocking Thing. It’s Great If Young People Can Learn To Appreciate Real Quality Of Design And Production Instead Of Just Standalone Hardcore Branding Like A T-shirt That Says “supreme” On It, Even Though That Of Course Also Has Its’ Time And Place.

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