Our Experience of Camping in MC Resorts that is One of the Best Resorts in Bandipur was Unique

As nature lovers me and my family that contains my wife Virginia and kids Franklin and Maria we have been moving across the world not giving away any chance of moving around. However, the experiences in camping were not the best for us every time as many hotels, guest houses, and resorts did not match our expectations. At times they did not have some other avenues of entertainment for the women and children whereas at other times the services provided were not up to the mark. In between, we came up against some truly qualitative and customer-friendly accommodation providers that matched our expectations. Also as this year we had decided to visit Bandipur in Karnataka it was natural that we would look for one of the best resorts in Bandipur that would take care of the requirements of my entire family.

Why We Found in Our Search for Best Resorts in Bandipur

Before settling for one we wanted to check for one of the best resorts in Bandipur and the two obvious methods were word of mouth from others who had been to Bandipur in recent past and also some informative and educative reviewing site and going through their reviews of different resorts in Bandipur area. Our research lead us to one name invariably; MC Resorts in Bandipur. The resort is not only given high ranking by different reviewing sites but also had a host of positive feedbacks from customers that availed their hospitality.

Choosing a Resort in Bandipur was the Best Option we had

As prospective visitors to Bandipur we had two options to choose from. One of them is camping in some nearby town where quality hotels are available. Our Internet search revealed that while the nearest town is Gundlupete that is around 31 km from Bandipur it did not have accommodations of our choice. The nearest city is Mysore where quality accommodation was available is 89 km from Bandipur. There was no question of camping in the international standard capital city of Karnataka in Bangalore as it was 230 km away and over five and half hours journey by car to Bandipur. Spending such time on traveling to and fro we could not expect to stick to a good schedule exploring the sanctuary. Hence the only option that was left for us was to find one of the best resorts in Bandipur for stay in order to explore the bounties of nature offered by it.

How we Decided on Bandipur Resorts Reservation

Once we arrived at the conclusion that we are going to stay in a resort in Bandipur the next was to decide on what we wanted as guests and did the resort catered to them. The reason was that we did not want to get into some unpleasant experiences and therefore decided to move with due care and caution. Therefore, we prepared a questionnaire that would help us take an informed decision on Bandipur resorts reservation. We wanted answers to the following questions –

  1. How well furnished is the resort?
  2. Does it provide common urban amenities like hot and cold shower, attached bath, cable TV and telephone connection, Internet access, coffee maker etc?
  3. Is the environment neat and clean?
  4. Does it provide additional avenues for entertainment and relaxation for all members in the family and especially the kids like indoor video gaming as well as outdoor gaming, gym, and spa etc?
  5. How good are the customer care services offered by the resort?
  6. Does the resort organize conducted safaris and travels and have network with the forest authorities?
  7. Whether the resort provides food and beverages of our choice and facilities for customization of the dishes offered?
  8. Is the price charged reasonable and match our budget?

To decide conclusively on the Bandipur resorts reservation we checked and compared the offers of different resorts there and the only one that matched all our requirements answering the question in affirmative was MC Resorts.

MC Resorts helped Optimizing our Experience of Exploring the National Park

Visitors to Bandipur National Park should understand that only park reserved automobiles driven by a guard can enter the Park premises. MC Resort has a tie up with the forest department and organized for our small family an exclusive gypsy ride to the park. Later, they also organized the much coveted tiger safari of 45 minutes in a well protected departmental bus that can accommodate 20 persons. A bonus offer for us organized by MC Resorts was visiting the Gopalswamy Betta which is one of the highest peaks in the National Park and houses the 13th Century fort of Palegars of Teramanambi.

We Got Best Returns on Our Investments

At the end of it we only thanked ourselves for having ended up with MC Resorts in our quest for Bandipur resorts reservation. Not only the resort gave us a “home away from home” experience with excellent hospitality but also ensured that we get the best returns on our investments by optimizing time management and minimizing effort and money wastage which was unique.

We certainly recommend MC Resorts for all future visitors.


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