Right way to Download Hotstar Videos on PC

We are moving towards an era where TV shows will slowly become a thing of the past. This generation is crazy about web series, a kind of recorded screenplay just like movies that is only accessible online. The reason behind this is an interesting story and the suspense they create in the minds of viewers.

Now we have talked about web series, one such platform that comes in our mind is Hotstar. We all are aware of how popular Hotstar is and the quality web series it delivers to its customers. Interesting shows are the prime reason for where the Hotstar is right now.

A few things you must consider about using the Hotstar is that you need to make your account by signing up and you must have an active internet connection. Without an internet connection, this platform is useless until you’ve some downloaded content on it. So, let us see how to download Hotstar videos that can be enjoyed when the internet connection is not there or is unstable.

Ways to download videos on Hotstar

Before downloading, you need to know that Hotstar does not give accessibility to download every video that is present on their platform. This depends upon whether you are a free visitor or the type of subscription you have. For accessing every video, you need to use other video downloaders that are not official.

Downloading video via Hotstar

You have to first log in to Hotstar on the PC with your account. Then select & open the video you want to download. If you see the download button without any cross, this means that it is available if not then you cannot download it. For downloadable videos, when you click the button a list of video qualities will be opened. You have to select the one you like to get and then hit the download button. The download will start and once completed it will be saved in the ‘download’ tab. Now you can watch those videos anytime & anywhere without the requirement of the internet connection.

NOTE– Be sure that you are logged in to view the downloaded content.

Downloading Hotstar videos via unofficial platforms

The official way to download Hotstar videos has been discussed above. In this section, we will shed some light on the methods to download any Hotstar content without paying anything.

Doesn’t matter whether the video you like is under premium, basic, or free category on Hotstar. The websites we will talk about will let you download anything present on the Hotstar for free.

  • Desi Downloader– this is one of the best Hotstar downloaders that you can by pasting the URL of Hotstar video in the provided address bar. Then you just have to click ‘fetch’ and rest everything will be done by the desi downloader.


  • Videoder– it is available for Android, Mac, and Windows. You can easily get it on your PC and then download your favorite Hotstar videos. For downloading videos from Videoder, you have to open Hotstar in its application and then select the video you are looking to get and click the download button.


  • Ace Thinker– this site that allows downloading of Hotstar videos is similar to the ones we’ve discussed above. Either you can download its application or directly paste the Hotstar video URL in the address bar and download it easily.


  • net– Another simple method of downloading Hotstar video is to visit At the landing page of this website, you’ll see an address bar in which you can paste the URL of Hotstar video you want to download and click the button to start downloading.

These are the simple ways by which you can get any Hotstar video you wish to watch without taking any subscription. Besides, they are simple to use as well.

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The conclusion

Here are the ways by which you can get Hotstar videos downloaded both officially and unofficially in your PC. Yes, there are some limitations when we talk about official video downloading but you are free when it comes to unofficial methods. So the decision is yours, video can easily be downloaded by either way in your PC.

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