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5 must have social sharing plugins on WordPress

The issue that occurs with most of the social media plugins for WordPress is related to their performance. These plugins have to load additional stylesheets and scripts, which slows down the website.

If you are searching for some good plugins to share on your social media website, and are confused, you are not alone. There are 54,000+ WordPress plugins, and choosing a few is hard. Especially for new users, it becomes quite overwhelming to select the most useful ones. When I used to write blogs, lots of internet data from my Spectrum bundle plans was spent on searching for some good ones.

So, what you have to do is to find plugins that have good performance, as well as the features that you require. Any social media plugin won’t be of any use to you if it is slowing down the website, resulting in bad user experience. To help you decide, here’s a list of 5 most useful social media WordPress plugins for you:

Social Snap

It has a nicely designed interface and amazing share buttons. To being with Social Snap gives you an option to select from 30+ social networks, offering spot variety alongside the choice too. There are classic placement options like inlike buttons and a floating sidebar, but you can also have different options like a “share hub” or “sticky bar”.

Also, a variety of button shapes, size, and color is available. It also supports counts on both individual and total shares. Not only this, it can set the least share counts, and recover old counts if you moved to HTTPS, or switched domains.

It also provides the option of editing your social media metadata. It helps you manage the way your content appears if it is shared. Also, you can view the number of views and shares on in-dashboard analytics, which rates the best content performance wise too.  Very much like Social Warfare, Social Snap allows vertical Pinterest images which is an amazing way to get your content shared. If you were searching for a plugin that could be a replacement to Social Warfare, this is the one!

Social Pug

If you like Pugs, the dog breed I mean, it will take you no time to choose this plugin too, and they have so many similar features too! Both are light-weighted, and such fun packages!

Talking about being user-friendly, Social Pug is the easiest of the WordPress social plugins for media plugin you can ever come across. Almost in just two steps, you can get great looking and mobile-compatible buttons on your website.

Its main feature is the amazingly easy process for configuration. Even newbies can do it. It is quite good when it comes to customization availability. There are plugin extensions available for scalability and it is compatible with all the main social networks because of its “Social Networks Packs”.

AddToAny Share Buttons

It is one of the most used plugins on WordPress. What makes it so popular? Well, it is compatible with hundreds of social media sites and various apps. It has a “Universal Button” which does the magic. This button lets the users search for content sharing website of their choice.

This plugin contains 9 kinds of share buttons for your website. The standard sharing-buttons, share buttons that float, and the easy to use follow buttons. You can also create customized share icons.

My favorite key feature remains to be the fact that it can support about a hundred social media sites. Another one of my favorites is that I get the choice to use standard buttons, buttons that float. Also, customized icons look great. It also supports the customization of CSS and JavaScript.

 Sumo Share

If you can stop considering official WordPress plugins for some time,  Sumo Share is a good option.

It is a reliable plugin which can be trusted to install a customized, floating social media bar to any website. It has a different mode which is called “unique” which keeps on switching the sharing options, which are also available, based on the recent page visited by the user.

It supports up to 60 websites and apps. It has nice-looking social buttons. It works on mobile and you can choose a customized layout. It can allow you to share images. And the “Smart” mode makes it a wise choice.

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

Don’t get confused. This is the name of the plugin. And it provides exactly what is says.

It is launched by UltimatelySocial and is an amazing plugin that works exactly as the name suggests. It is an easy to use plugin which instantly allows you to merge with any social media sharing button.

It supports more than 200 social media platforms. Also, it has a design that is ready-made and gives so many animation options. It contains both the buttons, standard and floating. Not only does it provide customized pop-up forms, but also is compatible to use on a mobile.

Hope this helps you out to choose the right plugins. I am going to end my day’s work and call my Spectrum internet mansfield tx to see if there are any new packages I can enjoy over the weekend. You too have a good one!

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