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Ten Most In-demand Big Data Skills Employers Are Looking to Hire in 2020

By 2025, big data as service projects to reach USD 27.93 billion predicts “World Big Data as a Service Market Research Report 2025.”

Besides the demand, other key details like product knowledge, revenue, pricing, and company information are given in this report. The report provides additional information with regards to the customers and distributors, information regarding industry penetration, restraints from someone new in the job market.

Companies are eagerly looking to hire big data professionals who can manage data and create a software system that can analyze. Having said that, job opportunities in the big data will be plentiful, thus earning a big data certification is an ideal way to start your career in big data.

What are the skills required to grab a big data job?

  1. Programming skills

Having extensive knowledge in programming is a must-have skill for professionals looking to pursue a career in this field. Python, Scala, R, and Java are some of the languages a big data professional needs to acquire. Job opportunities are in abundance for individuals skilled in big data analytics.

However, as a big data professional the candidate should be well-versed with fundamentals like object-oriented languages, algorithms, and even data structures. When asked for responsibilities in the big data market, the candidate should conduct, code quantitative and statistical analysis. Sorting big data types and algorithms are other skills a skilled candidate should be able to possess.

The big data domain is such that the candidate needs to have excellent command in mathematics along with logical thinking.

  1. Data visualization

It gets challenging to comprehend data as it is, hence, the candidate should know data visualization tools. With the help of such tools, the candidates will be able to convert data and predictions in a manner where it gets easier for others to understand.

The candidate can start by learning big data tools and software to help improve their skills in data visualization.

  1. Analytical skills

Analytical skill is one crucial skill required by big data professionals. Understanding data can be a lot of work. However, if the candidate possesses the expertise in mathematics, it can be much easier for the individual to get hold of the analytical skills used to solve complex problems.

  1. Structured Query Language (SQL)

Billions of data are being churned out every day. To gain the advantage of these data, proper skills are needed by companies. Acquiring skills in SQL will help the individual excel in their big data careers – integration with scripting languages, manages a huge amount of data, easily understand your dataset, and it is easy to learn and use.

  1. Stay up to date with the technologies

Professionals working in the big data field or those who are aspiring to get the big data realm must stay acquainted with a certain range of technologies used in the big data industry. Such tools will help you conduct research analysis and how to go about the deployment.

Name of these tools includes SAS, SQL, SPSS, Excel, Scala, Linux, Hadoop, and Matlab.

  1. Business acumen

For an individual to receive positive valuable insights, they need to know a lot about what is going around the market. Huge volumes of datasets can be extracted using big data tools to which each candidate needs to use big data tools for further clarification.

  1. Data mining

Data mining otherwise known as data discovery is a process where data is analyzed from different sources and compiling it into insightful information. Further on, this information is used by businesses to increase the company’s revenue and reduce the operational cost of the company.

  1. Knowledge about public clouds and hybrid clouds

A team that works on big data projects will be using cloud setup to store data, thus ensuring the high availability of data. Most organizations now prefer cloud storage as it is cost-effective as compared to having an in-house storage infrastructure.

  1. Problem-solving skills

Big data itself is considered to be a problem because of the nature of its data i.e. unstructured. Big data professionals who strive to solve complex problems can be considered the best fit for this job. Owing to the nature of these professionals of being creative, tough problems can easily be solved.

  1. Hands-on experience

Hands-on experience is mandatory for every tech professional looking to upgrade their career in the big data world. One can also look for big data certification programs to learn skills and grab a job in big data.

Organizations are skeptical when it comes to hiring a candidate for their organization. They need to assure the candidate is skilled enough to take on a new job or hold a great responsibility for their company.




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