The 7 Benefits of PPC Marketing Agency

There is a misconception surrounding PPC Marketing that it is the costliest marketing strategy. While many people may think this to be true, the fact remains that PPC marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that an online business can to Sky Rocket their Business in the least amount of time.

While there is an element of Cost Involved, a marketer who knows what he is doing and is a professional at it can give you really good results.

You have to understand that is this type of marketing, the PPC AGENCY pays the search engines a certain specific amount to show ads on their search engines pages who then targets visitors, but if it is managed in a good way, the visitor ends up being a lot more than what was originally paid to get said visitor by the PPC Management Services in the first place, which, if seen correctly, is a far better deal than growing your business at the speed of a snail.

The process starts when a potential customer sees the banner for your ad and then gets redirected to your page after seeing it. If there is a click, the search engine charges the specified amount for it.

But now that your potential client is on your website, the lead being converted into a sale depends solely on whether or not the website of your product or service is able to convince him/her on buying your product.

Despite this, PPC Marketing is one of the best marketing strategies out there as unlike other marketing techniques where you run ads on certain specific site, here you get to virtually connect to your client or potential client directly via the search engines like Google, Bing, duckduckgo,,, baidu, yahoo, etc. PPC marketing is a relatively low CPC marketing strategy in comparison with others overall.

What Can PPC do for me – SOME STATISTICS?

  1. A Study suggests that 31.48% people click on shopping ads, 16.32%on video ads, and 49.73% click on text ads. Whereas, 63.86% people prefer clicking on Google Ads.
  2. Google Ads beginning with the keyword – Buying has generally a more click rate i.e. 65% than the Organic Search Keyword does.
  3. Google data has shown that the business has gained double of what they have spent on Adwords.
  4. ‘WordStream’ states that if your ad is among the top 3 spots on google, it is likely to earn 41% clicks.
  5. The click through rate of the ad at the top is 7% compared to the average 2%.
  6. ‘Unbounce’ claims that PPC is a mastermind method of boosting conversions. In 2019, 50% of Visitors redirected through the PPC campaigns did in fact make the Purchase on the website.
  7. PPC could be your masterstroke if you are looking to invest in Branding your Business. Google says that search ads are capable of boosting your branding up to 80% compared to other methods. Additionally, if you are looking to increase awareness about your brick and mortar store, local businesses have shown to attract up to 75% Visitors to your Store through technology news.

We aim our best to get those people who are in the market to buy goods or services in your niche, get focused on you. Apart from that we try to aim to find targeted audiences for you so that a majority of those people get to hear or see your services that actually may want to purchase them.

Vega Technologies is the most Capable Marketing Company in taking you through this process if ever you need to have a professional do PPC campaigns for your Business, be it of any kind, local, or Global

I am the professional online marketer and founder of technologynews24x7 Develop Indian

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