cbd gummies vegan
cbd gummies vegan

The Most Fruity and Delicious CBD Edible Gummies in the UK!

What could be better than a fresh fruity CBD burst?! Quite frankly, we think, nothing! Packed with a healthy dose of CBD and a delightful burst of natural fruit flavor, CBD edible gummies are the most delicious, bitesize way to consume CBD. At Paso, since we launched almost a year ago now, we have always had CBD edible gummies in our product range since we think it’s the perfect option for people with a bit of a sweet tooth and who don’t necessarily love the taste of weed. When we released our first range, the selection of CBD edible gummies in the UK was lacking flavor and capitalized on the fact they contained CBD (and not much of it in many cases!). We wanted to up the anti – provide an actually appealing and, more importantly, delicious option so as not to dissuade those looking to dip their toe into the wonderful world of CBD.

In this post, I will explain to you a little more about why we think we sell the best CBD gummies in the UK and some exciting news about the expansion of our CBD edible gummy range!

Many people are hearing more and more about the benefits of CBD and, rightly so, are now interested in trying it for themselves. However, being new to it and perhaps still having reservations of its associations with cannabis, people are looking for less XXX options. This is why we were keen to develop a range of CBD products that both met the needs of those familiar to taking CBD in various formats (from vaping to the apothecary tincture dropper) to those that were trying it for the first time and wanted to take it in a more user-friendly, recognizable format.

The market for CBD edible gummies in the UK has definitely been improving over the last year or so which is extremely exciting for our industry! Back when we were looking to see what options were out there, it was fairly limited and not very good. The CBD gummies we tried were packed with artificial flavoring and sweeteners and had this strong bitter hemp aftertaste. So, as with our CBD chocolate, we wanted to give consumers a CBD edible product that actually tasted good and could even hold its own against a non-CBD sweet or treat.

Our initial range of CBD edible gummies come in three fruit flavors – apple, cranberry, and blueberry. All our CBD gummies are made with natural fruit juices – apple, blueberry, and cranberry – and are totally free from artificial flavoring and coloring. This gives you a very natural (in terms of fruitiness, not hemlines) juicy burst with every bite. They are not vegan though as they are made with gelatin (but keep reading for some exciting news on this!)!

Each little fruity burst of our non-vegan CBD gummies contains 20mg which is much stronger than most CBD gummies for sale in the UK. This individually dosed format makes it easier to track how much CBD you are putting in your body at a time and to figure out the best dose for you. It’s worth remembering though that CBD edibles take a bit longer (1.5 – 2 hours) to feel the effects of the CBD. This is because, since you are eating the CBD within a food item, it has to pass through your digestive system before it goes into your bloodstream. CBD edible gummies, therefore, are the best option if you are looking to take CBD as more of a daily supplement where the effects are slower release, more subtle, and not in isolation to other things you may have consumed or taken after popping it in.

Now on to our exciting CBD gummy news – you kept asking us “when will you start selling vegan CBD gummies?” “When will your CBD gummies be vegan?” Well, my friends, the time is nigh! We asked and we listened. We have just released our CBD gummy vegan range in three equally juicy flavors – pineapple, raspberry, and apple. Each gummy is slightly weaker than our non-vegan gummy option in that it is 10mg per gummy rather than 20mg. They are also slightly sweeter – so perfect if you have more of a sweet tooth and want a legit sugary candy.

Like the rest of our CBD product range, looks are important – so all our gummies come in a beautiful little CBD box that you’d want to own irrespective of its contents. Perfect for odd change or any other little small things you have clinking about.

So, in sum, we think our CBD edible gummies – both our vegan and non-vegan selection – are the perfect entry point for those new to CBD. They tend to be a bit weaker and are delicious in their own right, but with all the benefits that come with taking CBD!

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