The Power of High Domain Authority Linking

When it comes to building brand awareness, search engine ranking, and other such things, you can’t go wrong with backlinks. (Well, you can if you backlink to malicious or dangerous websites. Do be careful!) Backlinks provide a means for people to find other interesting websites from your content. However, they also provide a boost to your ranking, depending on the domain authority of the website at the other end.

Domain authority varies from page to page, but it tends to be similar for high-ranking websites. The better known a website is, the more likely it is to have high domain authority.

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Let’s look at some examples:


Wikipedia is a massive website that has been put together by millions of people. Anyone is allowed to edit and add pages to it. Of course, there are moderators ensuring that information is as accurate as possible too.

Since so many people use Wikipedia and so many of its pages are rank 1 on Google searches, not to mention other search engines, their domain authority is extremely high. If you link your blog post to a Wikipedia page, you gain some authority from them as well.

Backlinking’s Connection to Google’s Spider Bots

Google’s spider bots or web crawlers don’t just look through your website’s internal linking. They will also look into any outside links that you have included. When they follow a link from your page to a high domain authority page, they assume this means your post is important as well.

This will cause RankBrain to give you a higher rank, simply because of this link. This will not happen immediately, of course. However, the longer this link remains active and the more people click on it, the better your rank will become because of it.

Providing as many high domain authority backlinks in locations that are relevant to your post will continue to boost your ranking as well as your own domain authority. Take every healthy opportunity that you can get!

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Good luck and happy backlinking!

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