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Top Five Private Equity Certifications to Excel in Your Finance Career

Money matters a lot. A wise investment is crucial to lead a comfortable life. The personal, public or corporate finance keeps changing and it is essential to walk through the challenges efficiently.

The personal finance deals with the upliftment and financial security of the individual and his family. People need assistance for financial resources, adequate protection, tax planning, investment, home, and retirement planning.

The public finance refers to state finance affairs, public entities like government agencies, schools and other entities. It requires assistance in planning finance, investment banking, and managing public money.

The businesses and corporates manage their assets mindfully with the help of financial professionals.  The finance here refers to balancing risk and profitability, forecasting economic trends, reviewing company reports, maximizing stock value, managing funds, choosing from a portfolio of investments, managing financial risks, and more.

A certified professional is the go-to-person for all financial services of a family, business, or public affairs. There are finance and private equity certifications available and choosing a competent individual who has cleared them will fulfil the needs.

Let us move forward and understand the professional’s part. How can a professional fulfil the financial needs at an individual, public or corporate level?

Well, earning a finance certification makes the professional competent enough to deal with financial services. A few of the financial subfields include corporate finance, financial planning, investment banking, private equity, commercial lending, sales, trading, and more.

Getting a financial education and related certifications for field specialization will take you a long way in the domain. Some of the finance certifications are briefed here.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification

A financial professional having a CFA certification has familiarity in investment banking, economics, portfolio management, analysis, and ethical practices. They work for banks, investment groups, insurance firms, corporates, mutual funds, consultancy firms, and others.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification

CPA is an advanced credential for CFA professionals. It qualifies the professional for audit services in public accounting, forensic accounting, tax compliance, risk management, and other additional services.

Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) Certification

CISA certification is concerned with information systems control, security, and auditing. The professional ensures that an organization’s IT and business systems are monitored, managed, and protected.

Moving further, if you want to take up a private equity career, then USPEC credentials are the most preferred ones worldwide. Two of the best private equity certifications from United States Private Equity Councils-USPEC are briefed here.

Certified Private Equity Associate CPEATM

The certification covers the advanced managerial and decision aspects of the private equity business and its functions. It adds value to your existing degree in finance-related domains and gives you the potential to handle a complex role in the private equity space.

Senior Private Equity Associate SPEATM

The credential is for private equity professionals aspiring to take up a senior leadership role. It validates negotiation and closing aspects, ethical practices, handling sell-outs and exits, scaling up PE operations, building portfolios, handling change and partner-relationships, and more.

As a concluding thought, understanding concepts at a new level by earning certifications brings assured success in a finance career.

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