Trendy Silky Durags to Look Out for in 2020

Durags are making a splash in the fashion market again. Thanks to myriad new styles and designs, these durags are here to stay and transform an otherwise normal hairdo instantly. If you in the market to scout for the best silky durags, here are some top picks curated for you.

Robyn’s Silk Durags:

Known for their unique style, Robyn’s Durags feature satin durags, which come with free wave caps. They are comfortable and durable and are available in several designs and colors, which are bleed proof. The straps are strong enough to secure the durag to the head, although they may cause some discomfort for people who find the straps a bit too tight. They are affordable as well and available online as packs of three.

Tatuo’s Silk and Velvet Durags

Tatuo’s Durags come in two variants, i.e. silk and velvet. The velvet durags are thicker when compared to the silky ones, but are soft and breathable as well. You won’t find any lines on the waves in these durags because the stitches appear on the outside. The scarves cover the waves easily while the straps are long and wide enough to be coiled around the head twice. However, these durags may pose a problem for people with dreads, as well as those with a hat size of 7.5+. That said and done, they are affordable and durable.

Pack Men’s Silk Durags

Available as packs of four, Pack Men’s Silk Durag are affordable and exhibit durability, which is beyond excellence. This ensures that the durags remain intact for a long time, despite repeated wear and tear. The straps are wide enough to secure the durag over the waves while the long tail offers better coverage for waves. The only downside to these durags is that they are not available in many variants.

Military Camouflage Silky Durags

These are among the best silky durags available in the market and are a perfect choice for beautiful waves. Featuring attractive designs, the durags are soft and breathable, thus preventing issues like itching and discomfort. The straps are wide and the tail is long as well. Besides, there are several color options available, making these durags popular among wavers.

HADM Silky Durags and Bonnets

Featuring an attractive design, the durags from HADM are made of soft satin, which is extremely smooth on the waves. These durags come with an additional bonnet, which makes them very comfortable to wear, even for kids. They are affordable and are available in several colors. The durags are also durable and can last for a long time without wear and tear. They come with straps, which are long enough to cover the entire head without causing discomfort or headache.

Edoneery’s Long Tail Durags

Durags with shorter tails often pose a problem for wavers who find it hard to cover the waves. Thankfully, Edoneery addresses this issue by offering silk durag with comfortably long tails. The durags are made of soft satin and are breathable. They are comfortable to wear and do not slip off even when sleeping. While the color variants available now are black and red, we can expect the company to come out with more colors and designs down the lane. The long tail is complemented by equally long straps, which make these durags a perfect fit for any head size. The durable material also features stitches on the outside so that waves remain intact.

WaveBuilder Seamless Durag

One of the main benefits of WaveBuilder Seamless Durags is that they are highly durable and can last for years without any significant signs of wear and tear. Easily one of the best silky durags available in the market, these durags are made of the softest polyester, which makes them comfortable to wear. The material is also stretchable; making these durags fit any head size with ease. The stitches are present on the outside, which removes any lines from waves while the black color comes with a matte finish for a rugged look. The durags also feature long, sturdy straps, which can secure the waves to the head easily. Though they come only in one color variant, black, they are popular among men as well as women.


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