Unique Recommendations to Use Hand-Sanitizers

The ongoing pandemic is constantly raising stress and worries; after all, the Coronavirus’s destructive phase is at its peak. Washing your hands frequently with regular soap and water might not be enough. However, it’s not a bad option when you don’t have a hand sanitizer.

So far, in the lockdown, we were safe, but ever since the relaxation, it is necessary to stay alert and prevent infection from spreading rapidly. That’s why it has become indispensable to carry a sanitizer always in your pocket. No wonder, it’s the only approach that can safeguard you from deadly viruses. Whenever you go out or return home, don’t forget your mask and apply hand sanitizer for safety. But wait, are you using it well? Let us discuss this below.

WHO updated guidance on Face Masks & Sanitizers

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends the general public to have at least one bottle of  sanitizer and keep it with them always. Moreover, the WHO or the World Health Organization has also mentioned some extremely requisite statements that focus on choosing the best-quality sanitizers.

According to some studies, a sanitizer must have a minimum of 60% alcohol. Within 30 seconds, sanitizers can quickly kill novel Coronaviruses. If we talk about face protection, then Mask N95 has been regarded as the best option, ensuring 95% safety from the infection.

At the same time, ‘WHO’ is also concerned about skin problems due to excessive use of hand sanitizer. Therefore, they have recommended good or gentle sanitizers from a trusted and reputed brand for use.

What are the Benefits of using a Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers containing alcohol support prevention from spreading germs and diseases, particularly in crowded environments such as hospitals, offices, and colleges.

Promote Good Hygiene and Health: It’s a good thing if you pay special attention to hygiene. Cleanliness & hygiene are a key that’ll surely provide you fruitful results at the end of this battle against Novel Coronavirus.

Stop the Spread of Germs: Studies have shown that 1 in 5 people often never wash their hands. On the other hand, 70 percent of people don’t use soaps while washing hands. That’s why the introduction of hand sanitizer has made things easier for them. Now people can destroy dangerous bacteria & viruses and protect themselves.

Reduce Waste: So far, people used paper towels to unlock doors whenever they have to exit the toilets or the kitchens to ensure extra protection. But, now hand sanitizers’ availability near exits will enable them to trim down the excessive usage of papers and start using sanitizers.

 How Is Hand Sanitizer Most Effectively Used?

It is essential that you correctly use the hand sanitizer to ensure that it’s genuinely providing you 100% protection from deadly viruses.

Are your hands dirty? Don’t Use Hand Sanitizer: It’s a myth that hand sanitizers clean our dirty hands; indeed, it kills germs that quickly accumulate on your hands and harm you. They do not clean out the dust and grime.

Use the Right Amount: Using only a single drop of hand sanitizers does not mean that your hands are now germ-free. You have to adequately cover every portion of your hand without leaving a single area untouched by the gel or liquid. Don’t skip applying between fingers & back!

Rub It & Rub It: You should also be self-assured of sanitizing all the essential surfaces.

If paired with other prevention steps (such as hand-washing with water and then using sanitizers), it tends to shield you and everyone in your .home from destructive viruses and other diseases.

From where should I buy the best sanitizer?

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