Why IBCA Certifications are the key to Great Investment Banking Careers

For aspiring finance professionals, there are multiple options when it comes to choosing a career in the field. From accounting to banking to private equity, the choices are many.

One of the most popular, though, is investment banking. A career in this field is considered a top-tier option in finance careers, given how an investment banker typically is one of the most well-educated persons in the field. The job is very prestigious, and it is tough to get a good break as much as it is to grow in the industry.

What is investment banking?

According to, investment banking is “a specific division of banking related to the creation of capital for other companies, governments, and other entities.” Its tasks encompass advisory and facilitation services to raise capital and conduct mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The investment bank mediates between:

  • A corporation or other entity: looking for capital to expand its business
  • An investor: an owner of capital seeking an opportunity to invest funds

What is the best way to begin a career in investment banking?

An aspiring investment banker requires a diverse skill set. This includes business valuations, financial modeling, preparing presentations and pitchbooks, networking and negotiating, readying transaction documents, and business development.

For an entry-level position, graduation is typically the minimum qualification sought. Along with this, candidates can look for internships or other part-time job placements for on-the-job experience. They could also look to pick up a good investment banking certification to get the latest skills and knowhow in the field.

Which institution offers a good certification?

For a candidate looking for a great banking certification, a good institution to consider is the Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA). It spearheads knowledge frameworks, norms, standards, study material, and more for professionals to be able to elevate their job performance in this field significantly.

IBCA seeks to initiate a paradigm shift in the way the industry assesses, values, and trusts the skills and competence of advisors, analysts, and managers, looking to create a strong talent pool of investment bankers ready for the future. It uses the IBANXTM knowledge framework, incorporating 60 dimensions covering critical areas of knowledge for finance professionals to start and grow their careers. The framework covers four core aspects:

  • Global ecosystem
  • Firmographic understanding
  • Dynamics of the market
  • Investment banking domains

Which certification does IBCA offer?

IBCA offers the Chartered Investment Banking Professional (CIBP™) certification. Suitable for candidates from equity, advisory, underwriting, M&A, or other fields in this domain, this investment banking certification has its roots in detailed market and technical studies. It prepares a candidate to make a start in this field or to take on higher-order roles with more responsibilities.

CIBP™ combines very well with business degrees to facilitate an entry into this lucrative and challenging career. It is excellent testimony to the promise and potential of professionals, making them the best choices for the top jobs.

What learning resources are included with CIBP™?

Candidates appearing for CIBP™ receive an extensive set of learning resources. This includes:

  • IBCA Investment Banking Handbook, the flagship learning and exam preparation resource with content tailored to the requirements of CIBP™ candidates, covering thinking, design, analysis, and execution
  • Secondary learning resources: online learning material including excellent articles, for knowledge and practice

Where can candidates take the CIBP™ exam?

The CIBP™ exam is available across the world and can be taken from home or office, as well as on a personal computer. The candidate must be registered on ExamStrongTM, the online exam platform with remote proctoring.

What credentials do candidates receive?

Successful candidates receive printed certificates with lapel pins for shirts or jackets. Along with this, they also get a digital badge to be used in CVs, email signatures, or for sharing with recruiters.

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