Why Should You Track Your Field Representatives?

If you employ sales representatives who are frequently out in the field, then you probably experience a number of communication issues and problems. Read on to know why you’ll want to keep track of your field representatives in 2018:

Quick adaptation

Avoid stirring up distrust. Be clear with your team that you aren’t introducing field reporting software tools into the workplace because you’re out to catch them. Instead, the system is there to improve in-field efficiency. With better mobile field data collection options, it’s now easier for managers to send their reps to the right customer in case something goes wrong or if the information they initially had was incorrect. The system basically provides a channel for managers and in-field staff to communicate in real-time which significantly reduces down time all while effectively optimizing routes and field territories much, much better.

Cover your bases

A field reporting software doesn’t just make it easier for you to monitor—and stay in touch with—in-field staff. It also helps you cover the bases. With these tools on hand, you won’t have to worry about problems that could arise between your staff and customers. For instance, if your customers say one thing while your employee says another, no worries. A good field data collection software can show proof of what happened. Employees will know right away which side is lying. This helps protect your in-field reps from unfair accusations that might spring up.

Chance to shine

A mobile field data collection makes it easy for exceptional performers to stand out from the rest. This gives your best people the chance to shine. Now you know who they are. You can take steps to recognize their efforts, motivating them further. This also helps you plan your succession pipeline since you already have a good idea which among your employees are leadership material. Of course, these tools will also make it easy for you to identify which among your employees consistently slack off or underperform. Since slackers derail the cohesion of your team, the Entrepreneur reports, you’ll need to take steps to remedy the situation. With workforce tracking, you can easily pinpoint the weak apples in the bunch. You could talk to them and find out if something’s wrong to reverse their downward spiral or if all else fails, finally make the decision to let them go.

Less paperwork

Too much process and paperwork could be killing productivity levels at work, says FastCompany. Using field data collection software tools allows you and your staff to work with less paperwork, making it much more convenient and less of a hassle for everyone. Now they can send photos of sites or send out electronic forms to sign. They could record their work and send copies wherever you or they happen to be. That’s going to mean for a less tedious time at updating your schedule and work boards, allowing for greater efficiency and speedier results.

If you want to make the life of your in-field rep a whole lot easier, introducing these tools in the workplace will improve productivity and ROI.

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