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Why You Need Exterior Wall Cladding for Your Home

All homeowners can agree that your home is probably your most coveted possession. This is where we find comfort, security, and provide shelter for the family. Therefore, it is vital that we keep it well maintained so that we can continue to enjoy the comfort and security. However, when it comes to maintenance, homeowners tend to pay more attention to interior home improvements and pay little attention to exterior maintenance. The exterior walls of your home can be affected by various factors like harsh weather conditions, unstable foundation solutions, and fire. These factors can cause damage to your home and cost you more money. Implementing effective exterior wall cladding solutions can have a significant impact on your home.

The benefits of wall cladding


  • Easy to maintain


Wall cladding is effective because it is easy to install and maintain. The materials do not require painting to maintain their appearance. Using durable vanishes or water and soap to wipe off dirt can do the trick and restore the clean appearance. Ordering the timber cladding boards online will give you access to durable cleaning solutions that will enhance the longevity of your walls. Cladding will reduce the risk of fires and property damage, which in turn will cut costs on your home insurance.


  • Enhance aesthetics


Exterior wall cladding will transform your home’s exterior and turn your house into the most attractive structure in the neighbourhood. You can choose from the vast timber cladding boards online such as Hardie sycon, Hardie easylap, stucco, and Hardieflex sheets, which give you a wide range of design and colour options to fit your style. The variety of materials allow for creativity in enhancing your home’s aesthetics.


  • Provides protection for the home


Your exterior walls experience slow damage from weather conditions and water retention. Cladding is essential for protecting and strengthening your walls. Strong external cladding boards add an additional layer to your walls, which will improve stability and provide safety.  Durable timber materials and mouldings can also protect the home from pollution, water retention, mould, and sunlight damage.


  • Soundproofing


Wall cladding can soundproof your home and give you privacy. The various boards have different dimensions, which can provide adequate soundproofing options.  The James Hardie external cladding products are dense enough to provide beautiful acoustics for your home.


  • Increases your home value


Reliable cladding solutions can increase the value of your home.  When you choose to sell your house, your curb appeal makes your home look sophisticated and expensive. Our products also come with warranties and extensive benefits, which can add value to your resale price.  Installing quality cladding boards is a good investment for any homeowner. 

In conclusion, wall cladding will increase the durability of your home and cut costs in various areas. It is popular in many Australian homes because of the extensive benefits and convenience. Protect your home by investing in quality wall cladding solutions. Bone Timber invests in quality timber from suppliers all over the world to provide satisfactory external cladding solutions.

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