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3 global mistakes when starting an online business

Each entrepreneur makes mistakes, this is evidenced by the fact that up to 90% of all startups are closed after a year of their existence. Many of these errors are associated with poor preparation of the founding entrepreneur (ignorance of the nuances of monetization, marketing, product development, and distribution). But some gross mistakes are made from year to year, but which could be easily avoided.

We made the top 3 most common mistakes on the Internet that make new entrepreneurs, to help prevent possible troubles.

1. The long wait for monetization

Some entrepreneurs make the same common mistake when promoting their business on the Internet – they are trying too quickly to gain a large number of subscribers, regardless of the quality of these followers. myadpcard, meanwhile, the quality of subscribers is too closely linked to the monetization of the business: purchased disinterested followers will never do what the entrepreneur expects of them – they won’t go to the site and buy a product or service.

Another problem is the lack of timeliness and inconsistency of marketing activities. Starting promotion before the site is debugged, and the resource is filled with high-quality and useful information will lead to the fact that potentially interested users will never become your customers, as they will make up their minds about your resource making it look decent.

The third problem arising from the previous one is the anxiety of expectation and indecision. Some entrepreneurs have been waiting for the “right” moment for launch for so long that, in the end, they do not notice the opportunities that have arisen, losing precious time for which they could spend on working with clients and first transactions.

2. Bad business idea

Have you carefully checked your business idea for viability before launch? If you are like most grief entrepreneurs, then your answer to this question is a resounding no. Meanwhile, this is an essential condition for the survival and prosperity of a business. Your business idea should be viable. And this means that it must solve current customer problems and satisfy its current needs while being different from other, probably existing, similar offers from competitors. You must stand out – with an original product or service, features of a sales offer or service. What will happen in your particular case is up to you. This can be done based on market research, a survey of their target users, identifying their interests and drawing up a demographic profile.

3. Ignoring consumers

Your customers are the reason your business exists. There will not be them – there will be no enterprise. The ability to communicate with customers and hear them is one of the main skills of a successful entrepreneur. Moreover, you need to listen not only to those customers who regularly and with pleasure share information, impressions, opinions, and advice, but first of all those who are silent. The fact is that the constant participation of the same people in the life of the company makes your business focused on a narrower segment of customers, while for survival you always need to look wider and be more flexible. In order not to go to extremes, try to organize the business in such a way as to receive feedback from all your users. Even you can do badoo sign in login to have fun all the time. There are several ways to do this:

  • Put information on the site that you would like to receive feedback. It can be feature articles, regular polls in the form of mailing, voting, questioning, etc.
  • Provide people with a platform for expression. It is necessary to simplify the process of sending feedback as much as possible: the ability to log in using profiles on social networks, the system of open comments on Facebook and other social media (with the obligatory prompt response of the manager to each entry), the guest book on the site, SMS mailing with a proposal to evaluate the service for free or the quality of the service by return SMS or personal calls of the operator after each successfully completed transaction.
  • Flexible system of discounts and bonuses to current customers in exchange for a review of the company or participation in the survey.

No business on the Internet is perfect, because the interests of users and technology are constantly changing. But to make this business good and profitable for everyone, if there is a willingness to change, develop and improve all the time.

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