3 Types of Watches That You Must Have

Watches are often called as men’s jewelry as they add style to your personality. That’s why most men have their collection of watches for every occasion. Each watch has its own merits and comes with certain stand out features that make it special. However, buying a timepiece from the best online watch store isn’t easy as you have to consider many factors.

Not only you have to look for its material and quality but you must also have to consider when you’ll be wearing it. You need an appropriate watch in your collection for every occasion. So, you must think about whether it will compliment your attire while you are browsing online.

In case you can’t decide whether or not you should buy a watch from an online Casio G-Shock sale, we have simple advice for you. You must buy a watch for every occasion or follow our list of 3 watch types that includes major occasions.

  1. An Everyday Watch

This is an obvious watch type, isn’t it? Every man must own a watch that he could wear all the time. It must be a watch that should stand the test of time and look charming around your wrist. On the other hand, you must not spend too much on such a watch.

We recommend that a stainless steel watch is perfect to wear as an everyday watch. Steel is a lighter, rugged material that you will found comfy to wear. An everyday watch with an automatic movement is a nice choice.

  1. An Outdoor Watch

Men often found themselves doing activities once in a while that may damage their timepieces. It would be wise of you if you have a watch for such occasions. While buying an outdoor watch, keep in mind your specific needs and the types of activities that you would be performing.

For instance, if you like hiking or planning to go for scuba diving, a sports watch is an ideal choice. Your outdoor watch should be lightweight, water-resistant, shock-resistant and temperature resistant. Also, it must have a backlit dial, interchangeable straps, emergency transmitter and a campus. Such features will not only help you during outdoor activities but also keep your watch running.

  1. A Formal Watch

Having a dressy watch is a must as it would set you apart from others in a formal event. When it comes to buying a formal watch, the nicer you get, the better. Additionally, keep in mind your attire selection and other accessories when you are picking a formal watch. It’s perfectly fine to pick a watch with luxury straps or precious metals.

Spend a little extra if you have to find the right watch for formal occasions. If you aren’t clear about which brand you must choose, go with luxury brands, such as Rado. Antique or vintage watches are also good timepieces to wear at a formal event.

Bottom Line

Having a watch for every occasion or event is a way to create a statement about you. It shows that you are a man of rich taste and that you value your processions. However, if you aren’t into watches that much, the above-mentioned three types of watches can help you make a statement.


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