5 Best Fitness Apps Listed Here!

One good thing that you can do for your body is to keep it in shape and staying fit. Working out lowers all the bad things like cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. and heightens all of the good things like stamina, muscles, etc. Of course, you have to work out yourself no one else can do it for you. But what others can do is help you along the way. One of such helper is fitness apps. So here in this article, we are going to mention some of the fitness and workout apps.

Runtastic apps

One of the best running app for your smartphone is the runtastic app. It now even maintains apps for water intake reminders, healthy food recipes, workout planner, etc. There are tons of fitness features in this app. It even has a sleep tracker app as well as an individual timer app. Along with all these some other individual exercise apps like push-ups, cycling, and pull-ups are also there. This is a free app but some of the features fall under monthly or yearly subscription. It even has a voice coach, live tracking and cheering.

Google Fit

Extremely serviceable and one of the best free fitness apps is Google Fit. It helps you track your fitness using a point system as well as active minutes. It uses sensors in a user’s activity tracker or mobile to record the fitness activities. It enables you to even set different goals for your steps, distance, calorie burn, time, etc. It will mark your pace, route, elevation, and route, etc. and then show the real-time stats of your running, walking and riding events. Google Fit can also be integrated with other apps that make it more versatile.

My Fitness Pal

One of the most popular fitness app on mobile is My Fitness Pal. It bills itself as a calorie counter app. This app supports stuff like macros, diets, foods and all. It tracks all the exercise that you do. It also lets you connect to dozens of other apps and devices. It even has workout timers and step tracking. The level of integration that this app offers is not compared to others.


Sworkit is an exercise planner, fitness tracker, and a workout app. It is a fairly flexible app that has fairly good features. You can check a variety of exercises, stretches, and other activities. It is a very good fitness app if you plan to work out at your home. It features a customizable workout schedule. You can set up your daily routines as well as a six-week program for getting started. They have exercise especially for belly fat, running stretching, buttocks and workout routines for weight loss.


The next app in the list is Runkeeper which is a fully-featured fitness tracker app. It has over 50 million users. It can calculate your cycling speed, route distance, calorie burn and running pace with almost correct accuracy. It also allows its users to view a detailed history of their activities.

All the above-mentioned applications can be easily downloaded from a third party platform 9apps. Just download 9apps and don’t worry, it is compact in size and won’t take much of space.

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