5 Misconceptions About Casement Windows

Investing in casement windows is an excellent way of updating the appearance of a house. But a lot of research is needed to pick the right windows. If you have been through buying windows, you may have come across some commonly held myths about the casement windows.

After hearing some myths about French casement windows along with soundproof door, homeowners may sometimes feel that choosing this window style is not a good option. However, we want to bust these myths to help you bring home the windows you like.

Here are the five common myths about casement windows:

Myth #1: Energy-Efficient Casement Windows Won’t Help Too Much

Many homeowners won’t mind decreasing the monthly energy bills. Therefore, energy-efficient casement windows are of great help if bought in the right material. To save your money, you can invest in double or triple-paned glass windows that are weather resistant.

Myth #2: Double Glazed Casement Windows Get Condensation

This myth is not entirely false because casement windows may get condensation in the winter months, despite any material and frame. But in the case of double glazed casement windows, there is a small vent for letting out a certain amount of air. This helps in decreasing condensation to a negligible level.

The tighter your house is sealed, the more likely it is to get condensation. However, you don’t have to worry about it, as it can be prevented by keeping windows open from time to time. Since double glazed casement windows come built-in with ventilation features to allow proper airflow, it avoids condensation.

Myth #3: Casement Window’s Style is All About Looks

The style of casement windows does affect the overall appearance of both interior and exterior of a house. However, some other areas in a home are impacted by a window style. The casement window style allows enough airflow to enter your house. Hence, it offers maximum ventilation, along with energy-efficient capabilities.

Myth #4: The High-end Casement Window is better  

In the case of a luxury car or a premium watch, the expensive product is usually better; however, this not the case with casement windows. Various reasons make a casement window is costly, including the fact that it’s trending in the industry due to its striking appeal. Nonetheless, more affordable window materials and styles like aluminium sliding windows come with many notable benefits.

Myth #5: Casement Windows Won’t Impact Resale Value of Your Home

Potential homeowners may look for a new house with high-quality windows. According to current real estate reports, many house hunters are ready to invest in modern buildings with stunning casement windows even at the higher price tag. Some words have also reported that homeowners may expect up to 80% return on the installed windows’ investment after selling the house. 


So, these were some myths about the casement windows that you must not believe in instantly without giving a proper thought on it. Instead of falling for these myths, you must consult professional window dealers and suppliers like TOSTEM to help you know more about the benefits and advantages of high-quality casement windows. 

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