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5 Reasons to Make an Animated Video For Your Product

When you are working on a marketing strategy, the company thinks about the materials that they will need to implement it. Along with texts, product and service owners will take care of visual materials, including images, animations, and videos. Just like if your client wants a vector design app then making an animated video for this product will involve the same SOPs. Despite the fact that it is well known that people perceive visual information better than textual information, not many companies want to deal with video content.

Today we’ll look at five reasons that can help you use your animated video productively to present a product or service.

Tell your story in a simple and interesting way.

Storytelling is still a fashionable way to convey information. No matter what message you want to convey, you can always turn it into a story. People not only love good stories but also tend to remember them well. Use the power of storytelling to make your animated videos memorable.

Many companies providing engineering and software solutions have already used animated videos. These companies know that any technical or statistical topic can be transformed into compelling and understandable illustrations. Any graphs and charts are better perceived if they are animated and accompanied by a story.

Do not try to describe your product or service in words; wrap any of your complex or abstract ideas in a fun video with a catchy plot, and you can easily attract the attention of your audience.

Attract and Convert Your Audience

In addition to attracting attention and telling a story, animated videos actually affect conversion. Have you noticed that the call to action embedded in the animated videos does not look aggressive and annoying? This is because these CTAs are part of the story, and people don’t feel like you are trying to impose something on them.

View animated videos as another buyer generation technique and use it as a subtle way to deliver a message about your offer.

Don’t spend a fortune on video production

The budget is often a decisive factor in favor of particular advertising material. If you decide to shoot a studio video, you should be prepared to pay for props, equipment, video editing, and production. While outsourcing an animated video production in a design agency, you pay for the time of an illustrator and designer who can turn any of your bold ideas into reality. More importantly, you can easily add changes to your video.

Do not limit your creativity

The possibilities of motion design are not limited; it provides complete creative freedom. Thanks to modern advanced technologies, designers can transform any of your stories into impressive and engaging videos.

Animated videos give you the freedom to create scenes that are physically impossible and revitalize your company’s mascot. You can create a series of animated videos to show your company’s progress, new features, or recent updates.

Make your marketing team happy

In addition to being attractive and sales-oriented, animated videos also make a valuable contribution to your marketing strategy.

Interesting and original animated videos are very popular on social networks, so they have good chances to become viral. If you have videos uploaded to YouTube and embedded on your web page, you can expect search engines to give preference to your page. And besides, animated videos can be part of email newsletters, paid advertising campaigns, blog articles, and presentations.

Animated video is a powerful marketing tool that you can use on any platform you choose. Do not underestimate this type of content and be sure that you know the benefits that animated video can bring to your business.

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