6 tips to skyrocket your brand visibility using content marketing

With the World Wide Web, a lot of things have changed, and the arena of marketing wasn’t an alien either. Nowadays online marketing plays such a major role in any business, that you could offer the world’s best products or services, but you will still not win the battle. Why? Because people would not simply know you.

Now if we talk about online marketing and don’t whisper about content – its better left silenced. No one, literally NO ONE can pinpoint at the ultimate influential power of content – After all, that is how your audience recognizes you at first. A piece of a blog or a paid ad, a social media post, or anything else – each of them would talk about content, content, and content!

Also, with the rising demand for quality content, both by consumers and businesses is going to make your life more difficult. Today, it’s very simple – if you are not producing content, you are not visible (which in turn is as equal to as being non-existent) and well, if you are not producing ‘quality’ content, you are visible but not value (which in turn is as equal to as being not visible!) But, don’t worry, here are a few tips to help you ace the game of brand visibility with extraordinary content marketing hacks:

  1.     Create Target landing pages

You cannot just operate your entire business on one page, where all your customers accumulate and expect your business to flourish. You need to understand that though they are all your customers they all are different and differently passionate about different things. So, the key to success is to wisely craft different landing pages depending on their choices and preferences. It is mainly done on the basis of keywords. The usage of appropriate keywords would direct your customer to the page which is most suited for them. This is one of the most important techniques adopted by the most successful business to create a sound content marketing strategy.

  1.     Segment your audience

The reason why I value segmenting your target audience is – ‘not all your content readers are buyers, and not all buyers are content readers.’ Also, let’s admit it, different buyers are looking out for the satisfaction of different needs – that might all be in one product but demands different promotion strategies. So, portion your audience under relevant heads like area, age, gender or any other head that would prove to be an advantage for your product consumption.

  1.     Know your audience, in and out

Wondering something as basic as this, why this made it to our list? Because of its extreme importance in a sound marketing strategy. A thumb rule you will always have to keep in mind while designing your content is to be precise. And let’s be honest, you can’t be precise unless you know your audience in acute details and, if you know your audience, you are already halfway there. Although it is not as easy as it may sound, it’s better to start taking tiny steps towards your prospects mind and heart. Believe me when I say it, if you curate any piece of content without the knowledge of your audience it is never going to serve you the desired results.

  1.     Facts, Facts, and Facts

Your content might be to the point, but if it lacks facts, you will struggle. Reason being, not many people will take you on face value. But if you add facts to your content, about being how effective so and so thing has been in the past, your readers and as well as customers would increase manifolds. Facts becomes more effective when you present them in that way. You can create an infographic for it. Facts are a way by which users tend to verify how handy, true or effective the measure, product or service could be.

  1.     Publish Adaptive Content for the millennial segment

We mentioned to you about segmenting and its importance. While you go ahead with segmentation, you would segment a group of people which will always be special. We are talking about the people of the millennial era. There are more chances than not that they would account for the most part or the major part of the users. You cannot just treat them like any other user segment. They value community, family, and creativity at work. So, your content should be designed to speak to them, their values, and their culture. For the same purpose, you need to start publishing adaptive content. As the name suggests, adaptive content goes hassle-free in all the mediums through which users try to access it. It could be the traditional desktop, laptop, smartphones, or literally anything.

  1.     Values come first

Today wherever you are, you are because of your core values. Like any individual, a business must have strong values, based on which the basics were built. And, your content should be a reflection of your values. Companies like Google and Buffer made it so big on the content upfront and one major reason is the amount of heat they pay into their values. The whole world knows Google values its employees like no other. Buffer believes in showing gratitude. Yes, there is no thumb rule in defining one’s values. But try that your content bridges the gap between the same.

These content marketing hacks is a sure-to-succeed list – Read and execute and of course don’t forget to drop in your comments below! 

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