Amazing Career Paths for a Big Data Professional to Pursue

By the end of 2020, nearly 90 percent of the enterprise analytics and business professionals stated data and analytics will become the key to digital transformation.

According to IBM, the big data jobs in the U.S. will tend to increase to 2,720,000 by the end of 2020. So, if you’re thinking of getting into the big data industry, then, bang on! You’re on the right track.

Let us take a glance at some of the best big data careers you can explore in 2020.

Data scientist

A report by Deloitte mentioned the demand for data scientists will rise to 3 million by 2021. Reinstating their statement to be true, there is a huge scope for you in 2020. Despite the demand, the big data industry has created, yet we find limited supply of highly skilled professionals in this realm.

According to Analytics India Magazine, it is predicted there will be an increase of sevenfold data science professionals within a single country i.e. India in the upcoming seven years. Imagine, if a single country expects the demand to accelerate at such a level, what will be the prediction for the other countries?

Data engineer

Data engineers are basically big data professionals who build data infrastructures for data scientists to work upon. Their job role requires the individual to design, build, and integrate data from multiple sources and then manage the data. Their role is to also run ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) on these big datasets to create data warehouses to be further used for analysis and reporting.

Taking up a career in big data can be considered a wise choice in the present times.

Artificial intelligence developer

AI has taken the world into a different level altogether. There is certain leverage for professionals who’ve shown their interest in AI. Machine learning, and deep learning and how there can utilize these technologies in the business world.

Most people also assume the need for AI specialists or AI developers could pose a ‘brain drain’ where organizations are taking away talents from the scholastic universe. But this is not the case. Expert professionals in the AI and machine learning domain are set to change the world. AI will only make our lives better, jobs that are redundant will be replaced. Despite the threats of losing millions of jobs being an alarming statement, it is also clear that AI will produce double the amount of job opportunities.

Systems architect

One of the roles a big data professional play is to ensure the information frameworks are functional and properly architected. The individual is responsible to construct an information design that is easily lined up with the business goals. Other responsibilities include developing database arrangements by ensuring they have a planned proposed framework, security, back-up, utilitarian, and characterizing a database structure.

Big data architect

This is where Hadoop specialists come into the picture, they’re professionals skilled in creating blueprints for data management systems. Once the company’s data has been analyzed, the big data architect then designs a plan on how to integrate these data, centralize, protect and maintain them likewise.

Big data architects are significant experts who make the connection between data engineers, data scientists, and the organizations’ needs.

Data visualization specialists

Data visualization specialists are expert professionals solely responsible who possess extensive knowledge in translating statistical in a manner that is understandable for business users and subject matter experts.

At times, they are required to translate complex data, conceptualize and present it in the form of graphs, charts, and pictorial representations.

You can also opt for IT/Operations Manager

In the big data industry, and IT operation manager’s job is to take in-charge of sending over, expanding, and checking information over frameworks. They’re responsible for making plans for hardware and administrations and then executing it later.

The aforementioned career paths can be beneficial for professionals looking to enter the big data industry.

Perhaps, this could be the perfect time to enroll yourself into getting a big data certification or a data science certification.

With tons of data generated daily, big data is now becoming a buzzword in the industry. The growing need for highly skilled professionals in the big data realm will accelerate in the upcoming years. Currently, a professional having skills in big data will remain to be in-demand.







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