Anime series are becoming very popular like kissanime

Overtime, anime series are becoming very popular among the public. In the beginning, there were only a few sites who offer anime series online. Later over time, a lot of new websites have introduced that offer to watch anime series online. These all contain a huge collection of anime series and anime movies. Most of these sites are free and are safe to use. Some of them are illegal also and they also contain some annoying ads. For providing anime series to viewers, Kissanime or websites like Kissanime is available.

Kissanime is one of the most popular websites with a vast collection of anime series. The home page of this site is designed beautifully. Its features are;

  • Free
  • No ads
  • No registration
  • Full HD
  • Different genre
  • Huge anime collection in their database
  • Safe to use

From sometime this rumor has been circling that Kissanime is down and is completely banned. If you are also doubtful and looking for the answer to this ‘is this site is down or not’. The site is down in most of the countries. Due to copyright issues, ISP’S of most of the countries blocked this website completely from the internet.

As Kissanime is down from the internet, the question is that which another website is used instead of Kissanime. Here is the list of some websites like Kissanime. You can use any of these instead of Kissanime.

  • Animesim

They upload the latest episodes of anime series regularly to their home page. A vast collection of anime is available here. They upload the latest anime episodes with English subtitles. The site is safe to use and you are not disturbed with the annoying ads. The quality of their stuff is full HD. They also upload daily schedules to their homepage. The latest anime series and latest anime movies are uploaded on this website from time to time. In short, this is the best place for anime lovers.

  • Horrible subs

Looking for some websites like Kissanime try this one. They upload the latest release to their home page. The site is new in the market but the popularity is increasing day by day. The features are almost the same as Kissanime. They also upload today’s schedule to their homepage. Season wise and episode wise anime are available on this website.

  • Anime frenzy

If you want to try some other website like Kissanime then you can try anime frenzy. The interface of this website is designed simply. Ongoing anime series, latest anime movies all are available on this website. Anime like romance, horror, adventure, thriller, war and much more are available over here. The best part is that this site also offers subbed and dubbed versions of anime series.

  • Moe

It is the top streaming anime website which contains a vast collection of anime movies, anime manga, anime shows, and anime series. The positive part is that you don’t need to sign up or register yourself. The content is uploaded on a regular basis. The site is completely free. Subbed and dubbed content is available in high resolution. So you can say that this is also a website like Kissanime.

  • Kuroani

KuroAni contains a huge collection of anime series and anime movies. All-new episodes are uploaded to its homepage after 1 hour of its release. On this website, the schedule is uploaded on a daily basis. All the entertaining stuff available on this website is of full HD quality. You can enjoy all types of anime here for that only thing you have to do is just type its name in search option if you can’t find it to the home page. This website is totally free and does not ask for your personal information. You can also pick this website if Kissanime is down in your country.

Final words

Kissanime is the best anime site with great anime collection. If you are facing a problem regarding this site then you can replace it from any one of the sites which are mentioned above.

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