Bespoke Paint Curing Facilities to Suit Small and Large Applications

Curing is the process by which a paint finish undergoes molecular changes which result in the finish hardening to its ideal toughness. It is quite different to the drying process, which results from the relevant paint solvent (water or chemical) evaporating, leaving behind a solid surface. This solid finish may withstand immediate damaging forces but isn’t capable of withstanding sustained exposure to the environment.

Understanding the difference between drying and curing is an important part of getting the curing process right. Even more important is understanding that different types of finishes require different approaches to curing, whether it is the means by which curing is achieved or the timeframe that is required to achieve ideal curing. 

A properly cured finish will mean that the end product will do what it is designed to do. However, understanding how curing occurs and what can be done to improve the process and introduce another opportunity for process efficiency and manufacturing or refinishing productivity, can deliver real commercial benefits to your business.

That means if you are considering installing or upgrading a curing facility, you should start by talking to an expert engineering firm that understands your business and understands the science and engineering of paint finishes, in order to ensure that you get the best design which delivers the best outcomes for your business. 

As a simple example, it is often the case that curing times for various finishes can be accelerated. Accelerated processes mean you can get your products to market faster, without compromising quality. However, this may mean considering different types of equipment, meaning greater capital outlay. It is important that you are able to work with an expert that can accurately undertake and communicate the cost-benefit analysis of an accelerated curing process for your business.

DRYSYS Spray Cure is one of Australia’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke industrial, and commercial, curing ovens for a wide range of industries and applications. Unlike our competitors, our curing ovens come with end to end services including scoping, designing, manufacturing, testing, commissioning and after-sales support. We specialise in working with you, not for you, and this approach provides us with a better understanding of your needs and requirements, which in turn helps us to deliver curing ovens that surpass your expectations.

Depending on the product and paint requirements, our curing ovens can be provided with direct or indirect gas burners, catalytic panel heaters (infrared gas) or electric element heaters. Other options include radiant walls, and energy saving turbulator technology, which also provides a very accurate and stable temperature throughout the oven. A critical aspect of our curing oven design is the high-velocity high-airflow we incorporate, along with air recirculating, to ensures optimum efficiency and faster curing times. 

Because of the quality of our work and expertise, DRYSYS Spray Cure curing ovens are installed in a variety for industries across Australia. Our team believes in providing quality products and services to all our clients – no matter how small or large the project may be. 


  • Batch Curing Oven
  • Continuous Curing Ovens (conveyor curing ovens)
  • Infrared Paint Curing Systems
  • Powder Coating Ovens
  • Combination Infrared/Convection Curing Systems
  • Oven Retrofits/Upgrades
  • Plastic Components Oven
  • Sealer Curing Ovens

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