Best Discount Brokers In India – Providing Limited Services At Lower Cost

Stock market is an important medium using which an individual investor can invest in various securities like shares and debentures which are actively traded on the online stock exchange on a daily basis. With digitization of stock market and conversion of paper based shares into dematerialized format, the whole process of stock market investment has become effective and efficient. An individual investor can hire the help of brokers who provide the following services:

  • Underwriting shares of a company and providing various agency services to companies
  • Maintaining transaction ledger accounts and providing the same to their clients on time
  • Providing real time market information about latest market trends which may affect buying and selling decisions and stock market securities prices
  • Investment on behalf of individual investors
  • Keeping a track record of transactions and providing details about the same to investors on time.

Brokers provide all such services for a charge known as brokerage. There are various types of brokers who help an individual investor by providing various services. Discount brokers are one type of brokers who provide limited services as compared to full time service brokers. However, they charge less brokerage as compared to full time service brokers. Their services may be limited but their plans, investment strategies and overall benefits compensate for their shortcomings. Best discount brokers in India provide every type of service an individual investor may need for earning a reasonable amount of interest upon investment. These services may include following:

  1. Providing various investment plans:

Discount brokers provide various plans and services at lower cost which a normal broker may fail to provide. This includes zero brokerage plans which make them all the more appealing to small investors. They may also provide monthly, quarterly and yearly brokerage plans which an individual investor with limited investment and financial limit may demand and need. Their investment plans are different as compared to full time brokers but are better as they provide such plans at limited costs

  1. Use of online tools and methods of investment:

Discount brokers and brokerage firms invest on behalf of individual investors using online tools and methods of investment. This makes them all the more reliable and efficient as compared to normal brokers. They help make the investment process completely hassle free and more reliable. Use of an online investment platform provides necessary reliability on the services of a discount broker.

  1. Assistance to small investors and traders with limited financial outlay and needs:

A small investor with limited financial needs may prefer a discount broker as they charge less. Moreover, a beginner who has just started investing in stock market can hire the services of discount brokers. An individual may not be well versed with the knowledge and skill to effectively invest in stock market securities. Discount brokers provide assistance in buying and selling at much lower cost as compared to full time service brokers.

Best discount brokers in India provide all such services and benefits which makes them fit for investors with limited financial needs.

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