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Buy a beautiful home with affordable price at Godrej Seven Joka

Searching to buy a house? Well then for it, you can visit Godrej Seven Joka and can have a look at the marvelous housing project from Godrej Properties. The project is located at a strategic point of Kolkata city. It is situated in the road of the diamond harbor which is precisely in Joka. The place of the project is well-connected to other parts of the town via well-maintained roads.

About the surrounding of project

Joka is a place that lies on the road of diamond in Kolkata. The location where the Godrej Seven Joka project is going on is said to be the center of the historical heritage and culture of whole Kolkata. As it lies a little far away from the busy streets of Kolkata, the place near it is surrounded by a number of trees and other things. As there are no top buildings near the project so you can have a bright look at the city from your home without any obstruction. The best part of the location is it is quiet and greenery, and for that, it provides you with much-needed peace to your mind and body.

Ready to go homes

The Godrej Seven Joka property is said to be built over a considerable area. The project lies over 22 acres of land, and it has got seven towers. In the property, you can get homes which are of 2 BHK and 3 BHK units. Currently, the project is in huge demand and booking of flats are going on at a fast rate. You can see that the main reason people are coming to buy the apartments is about its location. Yes, the location where the project is planned is a beautiful location and is well-connected too with other parts of Kolkata. Right now the construction of flats are already been finished and it is ready to shift flat for all customers who all buy. What are you waiting for then? Get here and buy your own beautiful dream home with affordable price.

Specification of project

The project comes with a lot of specifications which are mentioned below.

  1. Security system

You will get a secure security system for your home. The guard will be present at the main entrance of the project. Apart from that, there will be a 24-hour CCTV surveillance for the project.

  1. Structure of the project

Kolkata is an earth quake prone area. So, it is essential that all the buildings that are built over there must be earth-quake likely buildings. For that Godrej properties have got their premises as per Seismic Zone 2 compliant with Solid Block Masonry.

  1. Electrical installation

The structures of the project are fitted with proper electrical appliances. They come with copper wiring that is installed in PVC conduits with sufficient light as well as power points.

  1. Sanitary system

The sanitary system of the houses is taken care of. You will get all standard items used inside the system.

Additional things for you

Above you can see that the project has got all the essential stuff in it. Apart from that all, you too will get the easy things in the project.

  1. You will get a full-proof fire alert system in the house.
  2. The security personnel will be present 24/7 at the property.
  3. You will get the maintenance staff at your doorstep within minutes.
  4. You too get the multipurpose hall inside the premise.
  5. For each of the house, the parking lot space is allotted.
  6. You will get a proper rainwater harvesting system.
  7. You too, will get a suitable waste management system.

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