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Apart from possessing the mesmeric fragrance of the flower, the rose oil has several essential extracts that make it one of the most important essential oils in aromatherapy. It is used in beauty treatments in several ayurvedic spas and also considered extremely effective in treating various health ailments. 

If you have not used it before, herein are the rose essential oil benefits that urge the need of having this remarkable ingredient in your cabinet throughout the year. 

Antimicrobial Properties

The rose oil has been found effective in controlling bacteria causing step throat and staph infections. It is also used for treating Candida albicans responsible for triggering fungal infections in the oral tract, gut, and vaginal walls. 

Controls Stress and Anxiety 

Rose oil is a natural relaxant and hence used in aromatherapy for relieving stressful syndromes. A simple application of the rose oil with other carrier oils on the skin can have a positive impact in reducing blood pressure, cortisol levels, blood oxygen level, heart rates and breathing rates. 

Rose oil has also been tested on women at the time of childbirth. It has been reported that the oil reduced their anxiety during the delivery period. 

Eases Cramping Menstrual Pain

Rose oil massage in the abdominal area is effective in reducing cramping pain during the periods. Rose oil mixed with almond oil as a carrier oil can be slowly massaged on the entire abdomen can have a soothing effect and reduce the pain considerably. 

Reduces Postoperative Pain

Simply inhaling rose oil during extreme painful syndromes can relax the severities to significant levels. Scientists opine that inhaling the rose oil can boost endorphin (also called ‘feel good’) hormone secretion. 

Heals Insomnia 

In a study conducted on patients at the coronary care unit, rose oil aromatherapy helped to improve the sleep quality than those who did not receive the therapy. 

Improves Menopausal Symptoms

Women during the menopause can benefit largely from the rose oil and rose geranium oil massage. It helps to improve severities such as hot flashes, mood changes, etc.

How to Use Rose Essential Oil 

Pure rose oil is highly concentrated with a strong aroma. It cannot be applied alone unless diluted with a carrier oil. For best results, you can dilute rose essential oil for skin care; pure almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil are the best options. 

The rose essential oil is an extremely popular ingredient in several cosmetic products. Considering the rose oil benefits for skin, it is worthy to try some easy skincare tips with this oil in daily life to get glowing naturally without applying harmful chemicals. 

Soak Bath 

In about 4tbsp of almond oil, put about 10 drops of rose essential oil. Mix well and put it in the bathtub water. Have a soaking bath in this oil to get radiant skin. 

Soak Bath for Dry Cracked Feet

If you are dealing with foot care problems, put a few drops of rose oil diluted in 1tbsp of jojoba oil in lukewarm water. Cleanse your feet properly before soaking. 

Soak your feet for 10 minutes to soften hard, cracked feet. Pat dry your feet with a clean soft towel. Now apply a moisturizing foot cream to get effective results within a week. 

When buying rose oil, always ensure buying branded products with 100% purity to get effective results. 

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