Career in Android Development

Almost everyone has a smartphone whether it’s a version of an iPhone or an Android phone.  Since new versions of Android and iPhones sell like hotcakes and the older versions are just as popular, knowledge of Android will open up a world of possibilities for you.  Read this article to learn about the positions you can hold if you have a strong background in Android.

Mobile architect

Someone is needed to build the infrastructure and structure that Android phones and their apps need to run on.  This is where mobile architects are needed.  An Android mobile architect creates and uses standardized techniques and practices that various apps need to be built.  These apps also need to follow certain algorithms which the mobile architects create.  These professionals will create many different layers in smartphones.  These include:

  • Presentation layer
  • Business layer
  • Data layer


Android engineers

This professional uses his or her experience in and knowledge of programming languages to create various new apps for Android phones.  People who are good at Android engineering are always in high demand.  If you are an Android engineer, you will have the opportunity to work as a freelancer or an independent contractor.  You can also work in-house with different large companies like Deloitte and Coca Cola.  if you do work in-house or by yourself, you will need to understand the different business functions and how they integrate if you want to be successful in creating new apps.

Mobile app developer

Since Android phones are here to stay, you will never be out of a job if you are good at developing new apps for Android phones.  Knowledge of mobile app development is especially handy if you want to build an app for your own company and you want to do it yourself because you want to keep your company information confidential.  Of course, you can always find a job as a mobile app developer who either works for yourself or for another company making apps that are either general or company-specific.  Most companies are online and most have their own apps that run on smartphones.  eBay and Hawaiian Airlines are good examples.  These companies want to have apps because it helps them reach out to wider audiences worldwide faster.  This helps them increase their revenue and customer base rather quickly.

Android may not rule the world, but…

Okay, so Android phones may not rule the world in the same way that certain species of dinosaurs did, but they have certainly transformed the world.  This is especially true of business.  Now that businesses do most of their activities and transactions online, they need apps to reach out to certain people.  Apps also help companies align unique marketing campaigns with company goals.  If you have an understanding of Android Development Program, you will be always employable and fairly well off financially.


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