Check all these boxes for an ideal Christian Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation card is the first official announcement of your wedding. Hence, it is needless to say that its design and aesthetic should be top-notch and unique in every manner. Moreover, the design of the card should resonate with the theme of the wedding.

A Christian wedding is known for its simplicity and elegance. The Christian wedding card also includes the element of sophistication and elegance with a unique combination of wordings, designs, and themes. When we talk about colors in Christian wedding invitation cards, the color palette usually limits to subtle colors like white and pastels. The designs do not include fancy motifs; simple geometric and floral designs are more common.

The key is to maintain the elegance of the occasion. Christian wedding ceremonies are a very private affair.

Christian wedding invitations – a mix of contemporary and traditional world

Christian weddings are sober and simpler as compared to other cultures. The wedding usually involves 2-3 functions including pre-wedding engagement and hen/bachelor parties, and a reception ceremony post-wedding.

The wedding takes place in a church in the presence of a priest and close family members and relatives, followed by a reception at a hotel.

The invitation suite mostly includes a single card with details of the engagement and the main wedding function. If you want, you can get separate cards printed for engagement and wedding in a single invitation suite. The card starts with a verse from the Holy Bible. It marks the beginning of a sacred ceremony. The name of the groom comes first, followed by the bride’s details. It is mostly printed in the English language only.

The general template of a Christian wedding card goes like the below:

“Mr. & Mrs. Matthew George

Request the honor of your presence at the marriage of our daughter/son (depends on from whose side is the invitation)

Sarah Matthew


Ray Philip

Son of Philip Vinson and Mary Philip”

It is followed by the details of the venue and date/time of the wedding ceremony and dinner.

Best Christian wedding card ideas

You can explore a wide variety of Christian wedding invitations online in different colors and designs. The modern Christian wedding invites are inspired by various themes and design trends.

– Fairy tale magic

Get a doodle image of a princess or fairy incorporated in your wedding card design for a fairy tale card. You can get the information printed on the sides of the image.

– Your name logo

Give a unique and creative touch to your wedding card by getting a seal design with you and your partner’s initials on the envelope of the card.

– Box-wedding cards

If you are hosting more than 2-3 events for your wedding, you will need to get multiple cards printed. Go for a box or thick folder like design for the card that can hold all the individual cards inside.

– Golden font

Golden fonts look great on the subtle and soft colors used in Christian wedding cards. Golden font on white, navy blue or even black adds a popping effect on the card.

– Add itinerary

Though the wedding is quite and simple, the post-wedding event is fun and full of games and activities. You can get your itinerary designed in an amusing way.

Let your creative juices flow when designing your Christian wedding invitations. You can explore attractive and unique card designs online as well.

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