Check Your Sleeping Position For Better Sleep

If one wants to live a more or less healthy life they need to provide them with all the basic necessities to survive better. They need clean water, good food, clean clothes to wear and a peaceful goodnight sleep after their daily hard work. It is true that most of the humans spend at least one third of their lifetime sleeping. It is an absolute necessity to get to bed early and have adequate sleep so that they can wake up early the next morning and have a healthy body to run throughout the day.

One must know that a sound and peaceful sleep can always rejuvenate the body because when one sleeps then the body calms down and it can start repairing the organs. The mind also stays relaxed and the body gets recharged for the next day.

But there are many people who find a bit difficult to sleep at night no matter how early they lie down. They spend some hours just trying to get some sleep. There are many factors that can lead on to such sleepless nights or even lead to some fragmented sleep. Those who even after following strict rules like shutting down television, mobile and laptops cannot sleep properly can take help of the best vastu consultant so that they might find out that all the problems are lying with their sleeping direction.

Now what exactly is sleep direction? Well, according to vastu shastra, there is a close connection between the sleeping direction and the quality of sleep. This is a science which can align human beings and their dwellings by studying their cosmic energies that are flowing in the universe. This can bring balance to the 5 major elements that are Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space. According to this study, the zone and location where one is sleeping and the direction of the bedroom can affect the thinking power, energy level and mood as well.

  • If one sleeps with their head to the north then the flow of magnetic field can be radiated more from there. If one heads towards the south then it is better because the north axis then can get some magnetic rays which can result in proper blood circulation and the amount of iron present in the body. Sleeping with head to the north is not much recommended by the vastu shastra. This is because; it is being considered to be a death bed position.
  • One must sleep heading towards the south as per the vastu shastra studies. This is because sleeping towards that direction can increase wealth, prosperity and happiness. One can also get a quality sleep by doing that.
  • Sleeping with head towards the east can increase concentration level, memory power and also lead to good health. It is again not favorable for one to keep their head towards the west while sleeping as it can lead to money wastage.

One can take help from a vastu jyotish consultants as well if they want to get a specialized advise.

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