Complete Guide for Streaming Technology in 2020!

Before a decade ago, we have to go to the theatre to watch our favorite movies. We also have to sit in front of the television and wait for the telecasting of our favorite shows. But now we can view our favorites anywhere and anytime. All thanks to streaming technology that made it possible. Only because of it can we enjoy our preferences and the latest movies or TV shows on our smartphones or personal computer through the help of the internet. Therefore we should appreciate it and thanks to this fantastic technology. Today we are going to discuss all this technology and its working process also.

What is streaming technology?

The technique used to deliver content to smartphones and computers without downloading is known as streaming technology. It usually transmits audio and video data and helps the user to begin to watch or listen immediately without having to wait for the download to complete. It is becoming more critical in today’s world because most of the users do not have access to fast internet that downloads the large media file quickly.  It can help the user to start displaying the data before the entire data has been transmitted.

There are two types of technology that are given below.

  1. Progressive download:

It is the traditional method of download that anyone uses with the help of familiar internet.  If you download an app or game and also any song or tune from the iTunes store, you have to download the entire thing for using them. This process or method is known as progressive download.

  1. Direct streaming:

It helps to start using the content before the entire file downloads, such as you are going to listen to songs on Apple Music or Spotify, you have to click on play and start looking immediately.  You do not have to wait for the entire file to download before the song begins.  It is a significant advantage that it delivers the data as you need.

Difference between these two methods:

The primary and only difference between progressive download and streaming is that in continuous download, the data or file stays in your smartphone or computer until you delete it. In the streaming method, the data automatically gets deleted from your device after using it. If you want to save data on the streaming file, then you have to download it.

Require internet speed for streaming:

It relatively needs a fast internet connection and also depends on the type of media that you are streaming.  If you want to stream standard definition video without skips, buffering delays, and reductions in quality, then you need an internet speed of 2 megabits per second. HD files require a minimum of 5 Mbps speed of internet, and for 4K content streaming, you need a minimum of 9 Mbps internet speed.

Live streaming technology:

Live streaming is most similar to the streaming technology that uses to stream the videos without downloading it. But the difference is that live streams deliver the content in its real-time. In simple words, because of it, we can watch live sports matches, television shows, gaming broadcasts, and exclusive one time events on our mobile devices or personal computers.

Games and apps:

The streaming usually delivers audio and video content without downloading them. But Apple has recently discovered a new technology that helps to stream apps and games also. The new technique is known as on-demand resources. For example, if a game that you downloaded in your device and it has four levels. When you reached the 4th level, the next levels, such as level 5 and level 6, automatically gets downloaded. It also helps to save internet data and storage of your device.


So here is all the information about streaming technology. One needs a fast internet connection to enjoy the uninterrupted services of streaming.  If your internet is slow, then you have to face buffer error while streaming a video or audio.

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