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Customer Relationship Management in Real Estate

When we talk of Customer Relationship Management, it is a very effective tool that is used in almost all businesses and real estate is not different. Only a few of these businesses actually understand the value and importance of CRM in their business. It is very commonly believed that a business that use large number of transactions can effectively make use of CRM, but it is equally effective in cases where there are less transaction and high turnover. Several companies are making use of the real estate crm software india and a lot of the others are joining in looking at the benefits.

Some of these advantages of CRM are discussed here:

  1. Organising a large amount of information under one roof:

Professional in real estate usually have several lead generation channels. These contacts could come from either websites, social media, mails, advertising sites, your sphere of influence and several others. What is important here is to maintain a database of all the leads, individually, which could be pretty tough. This is where CRM comes into play as it would collect and combine all the information from the different sources and store it one place. All this information is further easily accessible from all the different platforms that you could access such as laptop, tablets, computers and even mobiles.

  1. With the Help of CRM, you can make responses immediately:

 Responses to almost all the inquiries, specially the online ones. Several CRMs in real estate also use auto responses that are customisable and allows one to respond to the contacts immediately. Even though one might think that auto responses are impersonal but you also have an option to customize the auto-responses according to a particular contact. Now, real estate crm software companies have also developed mobile applications that notify the individual about an incoming lead just so that it can be replied immediately. This quick response is a great step towards building a relationship.

  1. Maintaining a touch with your past Clients:

A lot of real agents think the main motive of CRM in real estate is to generate new leads and manage them. We agree that is important but one should not forget the other people or groups that you knew before and you would have also served, your clients from the past. Studies have shown that about 88% of buyers use of recommend their previous agents. But it is only 12% of repeat buyers that actually used them. It is possible that over a span of years the client forgets the agent and a very simple solution to this is staying in touch with them so they don’t forget you. CRM tracks Birthdays and other occasions for you so that the agent can send greetings and remind the buyer of his presence.

  1. Personalising your service with CRM:

Being in the field of Real estate one thing that one should do is make notes of all that the client has to say like preferences, budget, locality, and others. This information that you would have collected can later be customised in a way so as to personalise the service provided to the very prospect, further making him/her a client. Even if they don’t buy now this information would only help you in future with the prospective client.

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