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Doing iPhone Screen Repair the Right Way

So you dropped your iPhone and the screen shattered into pieces. We know this is a bummer, but we should say “welcome to the club.” As you read this, thousands of people are dropping iPhones, many of these drops resulting in a completely busted screen.

If you need an iPhone screen repair thanks to a drop, water damage, or daily wear and tear, you should do it the right way. We’re going to go over your options when it comes to getting your screen repaired so you can accomplish this.

For People Who Are Still Under Warranty

If you are still under Apple warranty, if you get your iPhone screen repair at any store that isn’t authorized by them, your entire warranty will be void. Going to a less expensive repair shop will be easier on your wallet, but if their prices are cheaper, they will most likely not be authorized by Apple.

If you are still covered by Apple’s warranty, check out the Apple store, an Apple-authorized repair shop, or try to get your iPhone fixed by the phone company where you bought your device.

These options will be more expensive than heading to the local third-party repair store, but if you want to keep your warranty intact, they are your best bet.

For People Who Have AppleCare+

If you have purchased AppleCare+ insurance, head straight to the Apple store. Do not pass go, do not collect a thousand dollars…just go get your device repaired by the “geniuses.” The reasoning behind this is because if you go get your iPhone screen fixed by an un-authorized shop, your warranty, and AppleCare+ will be voided, meaning that the money you invested to ensure your phone has been wasted.

Unlike the standard Apple warranty, AppleCare+ covers two incidents of accidental damage for a small fee. Bear in mind that even with AppleCare+, getting your iPhone screen fixed will still cost more than a local repair shop that isn’t authorized, but at least you’ll still maintain your warranty and insurance coverage.

For People Who Are Out of Warranty

If you aren’t covered by the warranty anymore, you’ve got less to lose and therefore, more options. You can choose a less expensive repair shop and save money on your repair.

If you decide to go this route, it’s still smart to look for a reputable store with a few years in business and a variety of good reviews and happy customers. Remember that you’re still putting your device at risk when you hand it over to a tech whether your warranty is at stake or not.

That being said, do your research. You can ask your friends for referrals – this is often the best way to get good recommendations. Browse Yelp or Google Maps for reviews and read through them. Call each store for a quote and see if they offer a warranty.

Yes, third-party repair shops do offer warranties that may extend from anywhere between 90 days to a year. This is a guarantee that if the repair isn’t good quality, you can come back and get your iPhone screen fixed again for free. This guarantee will ensure that the shop you choose uses good replacement parts and knowledgeable techs.

For People Eligible for Upgrades

Have you owned your iPhone for longer than two years? Or maybe you are thinking about switching to a new phone company. If this is the case, you might be up for an upgrade to a newer iPhone at a discounted rate.


You can offset the cost of your new iPhone by selling your old one to repair shops or iPhone resellers. These businesses repurpose old iPhones, so they will buy your iPhone, cracked screen and all, allowing you to walk away with some spending cash.

For People Who Have Insurance

If you purchased insurance through an insurance company or a phone company, take a close look at their policies regarding screen repair. Most insurance companies will cover accidental damage. While you may have to dole out money for the repair and pay for a deductible, you’ll save money because you won’t have to replace your entire iPhone.

How to Prevent the Need for Screen Repair in the Future

All it takes is one drop with your iPhone landing the wrong way, and you can end up with a shattered display all over again. It’s best to take the following precautions to prevent the need for screen repair in the future:

Buy an iPhone Case and Screen Protector.

iPhone cases are available in many brick and mortar stores and online as well. These protective cases are made of plastic and fit over your iPhone. If you’re into style, you’ll enjoy the fact that these cases are sold in almost any designs or colors. This will minimize the chance that your phone will crack after a fall in the future.

Screen protectors can also prevent the need for iPhone screen repair in the future. These are basically thin overlays made of plastic that you place directly on your screen. Although these protectors are designed more to prevent dings and scratches, they add extra protection against broken screens.

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