Don’t Throw Old Car Battery; Recondition It At Home!

We live in a digital world where everything around is powered by something as small as a battery. Our cars, laptops, wrist watches, cameras, clocks – nearly everything you can imagine to lead a comfortable life. A battery is a small but extremely powerful component without which a device is nothing but a dead tool lying around the house. And do you know how much do you end up spending on an average in buying new batteries?

The thing with battery-operated stuff is that it’s generally non-reusable (or at least we’re made to believe so by their manufacturers). Once the battery gets old and dies out, that’s it! You’re expected to run to the store to buy new batteries to keep those essential appliances running for your everyday comfort. 

Among them, all, car batteries are truly the most expensive. And the car is something which you just can’t do without either – you need it every single day to go to work or to pick and drop kids at school. What would you do if you find yourself stuck up with a non-functioning battery? You’d get rid of it and immediately get another one to put off inconvenience, right?

What if we told you that you needn’t throw them out anymore? That you needn’t rush to spend too many dollars on getting a new battery? That you can actually recondition the used batteries at home, save loads of money, and even turn it into a profitable home business?

Yes, now we’ve got you interested. Here we talk about how easy it is to recondition batteries at home and make huge savings on costs.

Batteries can indeed be Reconditioned!

You may have never heard of the word reconditioned, of course, because battery manufacturers wouldn’t want you to know of it. But we can tell you that you can indeed recondition your old and used a car battery to a near-new condition.

You may not be able to immediately solve all your problems in a jiffy though by overhauling a dead battery, but with a bit of advance planning and taking the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course, you could avoid such a situation in future.

This is to say that after you’ve gone through this simple-to-comprehend e-course in detail and follow its step-by-step instructions to recondition a battery at home, you may never have to buy new batteries ever again! Could it get better than this? What’s more, you could even start your own business of selling reconditioned batteries at home; it’s bound to be a profitable venture because there’d be many like you facing the same battery trouble time and again.

Where does the Problem Lie and How to Solve it?

So let’s begin by understanding why does the battery dies out in the first place? Lead-acid batteries work by producing electricity which is done by using lead plates immersed in sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction that follows generates electricity. Now, it’s not just electricity but the battery also generates lead sulfate in the process.

With a new battery, this element can get converted back to lead and sulfuric acid separately; however, as it starts turning old with wear and tear, lead sulfate turns crystalline and starts forming deposits on the lead plates. And because lead sulfate doesn’t conduct electricity, it lowers the battery’s capacity to function, reducing its power and charge as well. This is known as sulfation or sulfating – a very common cause of battery failure in cars.

At this point, you might be compelled to take the shortest route to buy new batteries. But hold on and we can offer an alternative solution. You can actually reverse the process of sulfation by using a specialized battery charger known as battery desulfator. It enables the conversion of crystalline lead sulfate back into the lead and sulfuric acid. This means that the lead plates are also now clean and they can be charged again just as good as a new battery!

Simple and cost-effective, right? You too can try the EZ Battery Reconditioning procedure at home and even builds your own battery desulfator. It’d help you save up on replacing batteries every now and then, while also earning some extra bucks on starting your own battery reconditioning business.

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