Earring packaging: What Professionals do for jewelry business?

Earring packaging: What Professionals do for jewelry business?

The choice of earring depends upon the shape of your neck and face. Oblong or diamond faces usually wear long earrings. While round faces and necks usually find smaller earrings to be more suitable. If you have long ears you should not wear long earrings since that area then becomes extra prominent which does not look good. In short, the earring you wear must compliment your overall size. If you are tall, wear larger earrings. If you are short, try smaller earrings.

But selling them to consumers is also an important aspect of the jewelry business and businesses try to make them as attractive as possible. That is why Earring boxes are so crucial. By following some important design ideas you can multiply your sales significantly.

The Flaps

This design is simple yet it holds sway over the jewelry cardboard earring boxes. Its structure is quite minimalistic and can be designed from a single piece of cardstock or any other material. Usually, four flaps have created that roll onto each other creating a unified body that opens from the top. But these flaps are just for protection and appeal.

The earrings are placed inside this packaging. A smaller piece of cardstock is attached to the body which has a ribbon attached to it. This ribbon has the earrings tied to it. This small piece is designed in such a way that it is pressed down when the flaps are pressed on it creating a minimalistic design. It is easy to produce these earring boxes bulk affordable.

Simple Cover Design

If you want to go very simple, try the classic custom earring boxes that have the covering on top of them that can be taken off easily. It is the simplest design that has ever existed. There are no fancy elements that need to be included. The box is usually a square or a rectangle and the lid is shaped like that too.

Often, some is cushioning like foam or other such materials used in these earring packaging boxes. When you open the lid, the earrings are right in front of you. Hence, no complexity is involved, it is often designed for consumers that prefer minimalism and do not want to generate too much waste.

Glass Dome

Its name implies that it is a luxurious design. And it is. That is because of the glass used in it. The lower structure is either made of plastic or some metal while upper lid, shaped like a dome, is made from glass to let consumers witness the elegance of your earrings.

It could be expensive so sort out your budgets before you start creating it. Brands use black bottom these days since it complements the transparent top well. The glass is also a great surface for etching the branding. That is because the colors and fonts pop up nice on it.

Also, the glass lets consumers see the constituents inside the packaging clearly without having to open it up. It is conventional to design this packaging as round. But there are a lot of other variations being tried such as square and rectangular shapes. No matter what shape you choose, the glass top always looks attractive and classy.

The Pouch

To achieve the truly classic, ancient feel, try making a pouch for your earrings. It is not for nothing that ancient people used to trade precious items in pouches. Making these designs can invoke the timeless appeal of this covering.

This design can make the appearance of your earrings classic. You can sew them the way you want. Silky pouches are considered brilliant because of their soft, velvety touch. They also look more luxurious than other forms but are cheap earring boxes.

There are several types of pouches that you can design. Some are described base on their shape while others on the material using which they are manufactured. For instance, Anfora pouches are rounded and have a velvety touch to them. The brand logo can be placed in front of them for maximum exposure.

Quadra, as the name suggests, is a squared pouch with either the soft or rough touch, depending upon the material you are using. Their design is minimalistic which customers prefer because of manageability.

Carol is another famous iteration of the pouch. Its top is edged and it closes from the top like a pyramid. This is not a very expensive design but always appears to be luxurious because of its shape. Its unique shape also makes every color fit it perfectly.

Businesses have come a long way in designing their jewelry casings, especially earrings. Your brand can also reap huge benefits from the designs that are being used for modern jewelry packaging.

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